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If you are not at the table then you are on the menu.

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If life was a meal you are the aromat that enhances its taste.

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The Bamboo tree grows underground for five years after it’s planted. It only breaks ground after the five years and grows rapidly (I heard 4cm daily) and continuously for the rest of its life.

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Success at halftime is a like BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free). If you own your transition fully now then it’s almost a given that you will have a successful second half.

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The desire to hang on comes from a sense of scarcity and fear. The desire to give myself comes from a sense of abundance and generosity. That’s the kind of truth i want to wither into.

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I found the perfect analogy for being in halftime transition. Locker room. Thanks to a workshop I attended last Sato in my church run by the Halftime Institute. This institute was formed by Bob Buford (author of the book Half Time) and is based in the US. Its mandate is to help folks transitioning from […]

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