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A man at 40

Category: Fatherhood

Love is a verb.

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Unfortunately there is no dry run on parenting before you become one. We learn on the job.

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Men rely on their financial ability alot. When that rug under their feet is auctioned (because they cannot meet their financial obligations) then they are like a deer in the headlights. Clueless.

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When it’s the day for a monkey to die all the trees are slippery.

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Lord give us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change and the courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference.

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To kids quantity time is quality time.

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Wednesday the 25th of April was my Dad’s 70th birthday. I like how when I introduce my dad to someone I’m told he looks so young. Good genes hapo. I hope I look like him on my 70th birthday. Going through halftime at 40 has changed my perspectives on many things including how I view […]

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As promised we have now finally come to the end of cake season for the year in my household. My smallest baby shark turned one last Sunday. She is my first (and last) child born in my 40s so she is a highlight of my second half. Actually, she somehow symbolises the beginning of my […]

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On 26th September 2013 I became a dad to yet another Kenyan, but this one was different. I got a son on that day. What is it with African men and getting sons? I do not have a logical answer but all I know is that, what I felt on that day was different from […]

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My baby brother turned 40 on 25th of August this year. Everyone in my family is now 40 and above apart from the babies of course. His supuu wife and I planned a gig for him at the Zen Garden. This is truly a leafy suburb. You know that when you find your car wipers […]

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