Lucas Marang'a

A man at 40

Month: November 2017

As I look back at my life, I see a guy who resembles me. Have you ever felt that way? Like you can’t believe you are the one who did the stuff you’ve done. That is me on several occasions. I miss that person sometimes. I had serious courage, and fear was for other people, […]

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As promised we have now finally come to the end of cake season for the year in my household. My smallest baby shark turned one last Sunday. She is my first (and last) child born in my 40s so she is a highlight of my second half. Actually, she somehow symbolises the beginning of my […]

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The late Otieno Kajwang once introduced the term passionometer in parliament when referring to the ability of a candidate being considered for a job in gava. It is the ability to measure how passionate one is for what they do. I have always measured high on that scale for most of my first half. I […]

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I enjoy watching the National Geographic channel especially the Big Five episodes. I have always loved the outdoors and open savannahs. The animal kingdom fascinates me so much so that after high school I chose Hotel Management as a potential career. The other one was to be a vet. I know… Strange. My dream was […]

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