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Sneak Peek.

Ok I’ll admit it here but please do not profile me. I’m sure I’ve just been profiled by asking not to be profiled. Ni sawa tu. I love Subarus and have driven them for more than ten years. But I was among the few who did not make it to Vashas (Naivasha) for the safari rally in June he he. I’m reminded of the power of visualization every time I visit my mum’s office. There is a framed poster of a Subaru outback seated above her file cabinet. I did that poster many years ago when just driving (leave alone owning) a Subaru was on my bucket list. It was a dream I cherished for a long time. Well, it came to pass. We can say I have been living (maybe driving) my dream. But how quickly do we forget when a dream becomes reality. I don’t notice the blessing much anymore. I even complain about the price of spare parts. Kweli, we humans are difficult to please.

Last week I met with a pal who’s living the life I desire. She’s deep in public service and is a breath of fresh air in her county. It has its challenges, mainly dealing with politicians but she is learning, having fun and creating positive change. She has brought swag to public service in her county. As she was sharing whom she has met, where she has gone and what she has been doing I was both happy for her and envious at the same time. Sometimes in life, we meet folks who are living the life we wish for and we will be required to cheer them on roho safi. I think it’s a test of our attitude. Will we wish they stumble and fail so we get the job ourselves? or even if we don’t, at least they will be out just like us. I feel this was another character-building opportunity. The preparation continues.

Once I was over the envy (and I got over it by confessing that I was envious) I was able to have a sneak peek of how life is in public service especially from someone whose motivations are similar to mine, to serve. As a bonus, I was able to validate what she’s doing at work and offer some perspectives from outside the system on some ideas she was considering. Even when we are deep in our calling we need to come up for air every so often because we risk getting lost in the doing and forget our original motivation or agenda. Plus, public service has trappings that can ensnare you vibaya because they creep up on us unknowingly.

I believe that was the benefit to my pal. I was happy to provide the snorkel for her to exhale in a safe space. She was able to reset kidogo. It felt nice offering counsel to someone ahead of me and doing what I would want to be doing myself. The lesson here was that we are all at different places in our journey and it’s intentional so that we can help each other progress. Accept your station in life folks, receive help from others and offer support as well. We travel further when we go together. Lone ranger strategies don’t work well when we are getting older in life and seeking significance.

Another realization was the fact this may not be the right time to have what I desire. My friend helped me see my current season as timely and that I should maximize on it because that is what will determine how prepared I am for my next assignment. We may be impatient to get somewhere until we meet someone who’s there and realize we may not be fully cooked. Chilling and hassling where you are can also be a good plan.

Lastly, I was able to update my pal of my new interests and the opportunities I would like. She may just have the key or know someone on the inside with the key to the door that I’m knocking on. Keep putting yourself out there folks. There is no shame in that if you do it in the right way, to the right people and at the right time.

This catch up with my buddy reminded me of the times I have come across a common interview question when someone is sharing their life story. What would you say to your younger self? If that meeting was an interview, the appropriate question would be, “what would you say to your older self? And I’d probably respond, ‘’keep seeking out folks who’ve already arrived where you want to go

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5 thoughts on “Sneak Peek.”

  1. Lilian says:

    Nice piece. It reminds me of how we taste or sample a new product or meal before purchasing or going all in.

  2. Victor Omollo says:

    Thank you for this piece Lucas, and for allowing me to seek you out during my transition. As you seek your mentor, others are seeking you as a mentor. Interesting how life works.

  3. Kirigo says:

    As Victor says, As you (Lucas) seek mentors, others(us) are here looking up to your nuggets of wisdom..

    hii maisha hii…

    Thanks Lucas. Every week I learn from you.

  4. Mike Eldon says:

    You’ll get there, Lucas

  5. MG says:

    It makes me think. Seek those who are where you aspire to be… In Miguna’s famous words, “peel back the mask” to see if the value system they used to get there is compatible with yours. Many years ago, I met the entrepreneur I’d always wanted to be. But on spending time with them, I saw that one of the sacrifices they made was not spending time with their children, and I asked myself if this was the route I wanted to take. I am learning to believe in myself enough to say that I’ll get there my way.

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