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Hanging With The Aunties

Happy New Year good people. I hope you all vukad the year well and are eating positivity for breakfast and carrying optimism as your snack for the day when you leave home. I’m now back from my break with my batteries fully charged though I’m not sure I want to disconnect from the charger. I want to remain 100% charged if that’s possible. This will be a good year. I want to keep repeating that to myself until I respond to it the same way I respond when someone calls my name.

The year has begun with the most unlikely way to spend a weekend. It was a timely reminder of living with an open mind because you never know what pleasant experiences will come your way. I played my first round of golf at Machakos Golf Club last Saturday courtesy of my pal Davie and also in the spirit of hosting some guests from Malawi Golf Union. I must admit that Machakos was nowhere in my radar as a place I’d visit this early in the year but it exceeded my expectations. The last time I was there was in 2012. Now both the golf course and town have improved greatly. That was my first surprise.

I set out early from home to avoid any Mombasa Road drama. I enjoyed the drive as I reminisced on my bus trips to Daystar university in the early 90s. Most of the endless savannah we used to see then has been swallowed up by residential and industrial developments. What felt like a game drive to campus in the 90s now felt like the same game drive, only this time in a concrete jungle. Nonetheless I was glad to arrive in Masaku bila drama and early enough to have breakfast.

After enjoying the sweet Machakos tea and arrowroots (I find tea from shags so sweet), I proceeded to meet my playing partners who included the chairman of the club, Mr. Swarn Singh. The second surprise was bumping into my two aunts who were also guests at the same tournament. I hugged Auntie Evelyn and Auntie Rosemary and chatted with them animatedly. Little did I know that was the beginning of my weekend date with my aunts. I thought I’d hang out with my mates after the game in the evening then drive back home.

After a lousy round of golf, I joined the other golfers and guests from Malawi for dinner and the usual evening banter as we waited for the Prize Giving Ceremony and speeches. That took a long time because of the many sponsors and guests who were invited to speak, including yours truly. By now I had caught up a bit more with my aunts and when I was invited to speak I couldn’t resist but recognise and appreciate them. It felt nice showing off my golf-playing family. They stood up shyly like young girls, smiled, waved at the crowd and sat down.

After the official program was over, I saw Mummy Shark’s texts on my phone expressing her concern about me driving back home at night. I wasn’t too excited at her suggestion to spend the night in Machakos. I wanted to return home but my aunts felt the same way so I gave in to the ladies’ pressure. I booked myself a room at Gelian hotel where they were also putting up. Gelian is a good example of the benefits of devolution. You’d easily think you’re in a 5-star hotel in Westlands when inside their rooms and they have very friendly staff. I’ll easily stay there next time I visit Machakos.

Now that I wasn’t in a hurry anymore I suggested we check out the club at the hotel called Euphoria when we get there. Initially they were cool with that. Imagine me and my aunts feeling euphoric at Club Euphoria. That would have been a memory never to forget. By the time we got to the hotel from the golf club though, my aunts’ batteries were running low so I figured I’d go to Euphoria alone after they’d gone to sleep. After checking in, I discovered that we were on the same floor and their room was just a few doors away from mine. That killed my disco plan lest I soil my good reputation with them. Having your aunties that close is more kali than the best CCTV surveillance in town. Needless to say I went to bed.

I woke up fresh in the morning and was glad I slept in. We had a good long breakfast with my aunts over some good conversation. I got to know them more and admired how they have kids my age that they interact with like true buddies. I wish that for my baby sharks when they grow up. I too shared a lot about my plans and hopes for the New Year and they gave me good insights.

I did not feel the age gap as much. It felt like I was just catching up with two sharp supus over breakfast. For a moment I wondered what is this generation gap people talk about. Maybe it’s only in the mind or maybe I appreciate them more now that I’m in my forties. We checked out at noon and drove back to Nairobi with me feeling very spoilt with the attention and blessed to have such cool aunties. These are the benefits of marrying upwards I suppose. They are from Mummy Shark’s family.

What a special weekend that was. Little did I know that it was meant for me and the aunties. Thank you ladies for blessing me with your time and wisdom. Folks, maybe this year we should purpose to spend more time with our parents and older relatives. You may find them way cooler than they appear. Plus, you’ll be the beneficiary of their wisdom.

Here’s to a wiser year full of pleasant surprises.

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5 thoughts on “Hanging With The Aunties”

  1. Angie says:

    Blessed 2019 Lucas love Auntie Angie!

  2. Sam says:

    And when is the uncles hangout?

    1. Lucas says:

      Hehe Sam. When the uncles behave themselves. haha

  3. Boni says:

    I believe when we get to 4th floor and also have kids the age Gap is a thing of the past because now we share alit in common in terms of life’s experiences thus the connection with the aunties.. priceless moments I tell you!

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