I started playing golf in 2004. I needed some colour in my life so I thought to try this strange game. Strange because I thought golf was only played by men over 80 years old with over eighty million shillings in their bank accounts. My aunt whose also eighty now was the only cool lady playing golf in my eyes then. She gave me her old golf clubs to try out the sport. I felt like I was playing golf with my agemates. Yes, the clubs appeared to have been manufactured in the 70s hehe…

That first golf lesson off Mokoyeti Road on Langata at Mucheru’s golf range with teacher Kamau was the beginning of a life that would be heavily influenced by the greatest game ever invented. Golf by its nature tends to attract wakubwas of one kind or another though I look forward to when that elitist tag will be dropped. Over the years we have seen men and women golfers appointed to influential positions both in the public and private sector. They disappear fast from the course when the job comes and reappear as fast once the job katikas. Though that trend applies to us mere mortals too. The hustle is real.

It’s funny how differently we behave with power and without it. It’s like two different people with the same name. I think it’s harder to handle success than it is failure. Our behavior when in authority will determine how we will be treated when we come down that ladder. It’s more pronounced with those in public service. Some retreat to golf clubs maybe because they now have the time and want to reconnect or to hide perhaps. Some struggle to reintegrate back more than others. That’s what I have observed. And I think it’s because of how they handled themselves and others when at the top.

Golf has given me a front-row seat into the seasons of these prominent figures. Maybe others also have a front-row seat watching my unfolding life too. My key takeaway, be good to people when at the top for you will need their goodness when you are at the bottom. That makes the landing much softer. It has become the same with coaching. I love what I do. It has taken me about seven years to say that. Can I say it again? I love what I do. Engaging with folks in coaching conversations and seeing the power of self-discovery manifest is like witnessing a miracle.

Recently I was coaching someone who’s a genius in my view but that’s a blind spot to them. She couldn’t see it. This lady has an amazing idea that she would love to put to the test. Let’s just say if her idea of how people learn using technology gains acceptance it will be a game changer for many in the workplace as far as knowledge acquisition goes.

She recently was on a work trip out of the country and I told her I felt that would be defining somehow for the goal she wants to achieve. It has become clear that I have prophetic abilities hehe. Our session this week, after she had returned, was full of excitement. She had exceeded the goals we had set before this trip. She got divine connections and a launch pad seems to be forming for her idea to be tested. Let’s just say it’s a launch pad that’s bigger than anything she (or her coach, me) would have visualized.

Now our coaching is changing from how she will actualize her concept to how she will keep up with the success that’s about to blow her away. When you find what you are good at, love doing and the world needs it, that feeling is better than even winning those pickup trucks featured in Safaricom promotions. The best part of a coaching session is when my client makes a discovery that alters their view of themselves and their capabilities. It always shows in their eyes and it is deeply satisfying for me as it aligns with my mission of helping people find and live meaningful lives.

No matter what keeps us busy, we can always find opportunities to impact others if we are keen to take notice. That hopefully will challenge and motivate us to live our lives doing good. Seeing stuff unfold in people’s lives and how they handle the various seasons of their lives should drive us to be better and do better for ourselves and others. After all the best way to lift ourselves is by lifting others.

I look forward to observing more greatness unfold in those I interact with and hopefully, I will play a part in unleashing their superpower. May the movie of your lives be a blockbuster folks. We will be in the front row seats with popcorn cheering you on. Just remember to keep it humble while at the top.





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5 thoughts on “Front Row Seat.”

  1. Mike Eldon says:

    Less than two years to my 80th. Maybe I can start playing golf then.

  2. Mitchelle says:

    Hi Lucy’s,
    I want to be in the next coaching class.Iko when

  3. David says:

    You’ve nailed it Lucas. In the mid 1990s while in my mid twenties I was enrolled in a driving school. For reasons I can’t tell (fear, anxiety, etc) I dropped out and never quite had the desire to revisit this unto 2020 when Covid struck. Still it took a great deal of convincing to get me back to class. With good instructors and a host of folks encouraging me I finally took the lessons, test and the hard job had just started-driving. How awesome that someone on the front row seat cheering me on as I put the stuff I learnt in class to practice. Until finally I was on the road on the steering wheel on my own. And I believe it is possible to learn a new skill,etc regardless of age, etc. And this for sure encouarages me to encourage others who may be struggling or seeking to make it in one thing or another. And indeed it is a humbling experience.

  4. Miriam Tharao says:

    “May the movie of your lives be a blockbuster folks.” Amen to that!
    Reminds me of the song -humble and kind by Tim McGraw.

  5. Kathleen says:

    Indeed the best way to lift ourselves is by lifting others. I love the encouragement of the new skills regardless of age(Kizomba here i come!). It is a beautiful season of discovery. I am sticking close and remaining faithful to my long term love and companion-golf. I must admit it has been a hate and love relationship, both in equal measure- lakini sihami!!until Jesus comes back!!
    Very inspiring article Lucas!.

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