You know a quote has hit home when it appears on your WhatsApp status or email signature. I find that the shorter the quote the more profound it is. Once in a while, I stalk folks by finding out what’s on their status. It somehow shows what’s on their mind or what’s important to them. The line on my status is;

The miracle is in the moving

This mantra has served me well this year. I’m afraid of stopping. I feel like if I stop then I will start going backwards. There is something about motion, especially forward motion. Momentum builds up as long as we are moving. As I wrote this I was at Sawela lodge in Naivasha. A lady who met (more like stalked) me on the streets of LinkedIn last year felt I could add value to the transitions happening in her organization. I over-prepared for that session which happened to be my first work engagement of 2022.

That half day at the beginning of January with her staff led to a coaching engagement to support her (the CEO) and the senior management team throughout this year. After the last session in November, I met with her to give my feedback on what came out of the coaching and how the findings can be implemented at work. She then asked that I join them at their annual retreat and strategy session this week. So now coaching has led to strategy facilitation.  My gift is speaking so I was in my element. I find this miraculous. Being out there living out my mission statement. I’m convinced that happened because I kept moving. If you are doing what you love ata kama it seems to be a drag, please don’t stop for the miracle is indeed in the moving. And it also helps to be clear about what your gift is.

#Only BIGthingsgoingforward

This is my favorite hashtag and has been for a while. You will find it at the bottom of my email signature and it has also been featured as my WhatsApp status for some time. This came to me a few years back when I was trying to visualize the future that I want. I felt it impressed upon my heart that I should only be engaged in things with huge impact (and silently with huge income too hehe). This has manifested this year in a few things. I climbed Africa’s highest mountain in July and made it to the summit. We launched the first virtual version of our halftime program hence enabling us to take folks in other countries through the program in their search for significance (FYI our third virtual cohort begins on January 21st and registration is open. See flyer on this site and share, 5 slots remaining). That led to my dream of coaching in the wild becoming reality. October 7th to 10th were three deeply meaningful days at the Masai Mara. The last BIG thing of 2022 was being awarded in a global wildlife photography competition for a photo I took at the Nairobi national park.

This hashtag is another version of my personal mission statement. I subconsciously measure tasks that come my way to see if they will have a big impact. And once that’s clear then I dive in. By the way, even impacting one life for the better is huge. So it’s not just big in size but impact too. Who knows, that one life could change an entire community. Seeing that hashtag every time I send an email reinforces that life is meant to be lived to the max. Why settle for big if you can get bigger? Positive ambition is good to have not greed.

And just writing these accomplishments here has made me realize that this was not as bad a year as it has felt. Yes, many things didn’t go well but there is still stuff to be grateful for. May we see our achievements more in the coming year and celebrate them. I must admit that’s like learning a new language for some of us but worth the effort.

Thanks much folks for passing by here this year, whether once in a while or faithfully every Friday like dawa. I’m deeply honored both for your time and thoughts for those of you who shared. Have a peaceful and reflective Christmas and my gift to you is a prayer of healing to those in pain, comfort to those hurting, gratitude to those seeing little to be grateful for and a conviction to show up in 2023 like never before.

Happy holidays. We see you in January. And just like that Wi-Fi has disappeared for two weeks hehe… but you can drop your deepest lines in the comments. They will light up our Christmas season.




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4 thoughts on “Deepest Lines.”

  1. Priscah Motogwa says:

    You have been an instrumental part of my journey this year and I am grateful for that. I have picked lots of nuggets from reading your weekly articles. Happy holidays.

  2. Mike Eldon says:

    I know you will set and achieve more BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) in 2023, Lucas

  3. Creans Manduku says:

    Thanks Lucas for this blog . I am a faithful reader and I have enjoyed the journey and learnt a lot

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