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AGM Postponed.

Happy new year folks. Or Happy continuous year. I will explain. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas break with your masks on and rukad mwaka well. This year may blessings pursue you back to back bila social distancing. That’s my proclamation upon your lives. My clan and I had a well-deserved break and are now ready to get back to the grind, but a more meaningful one this year. Even my kids woke up earlier than usual to report to school on opening day. May that psyche continue. I’m avoiding labelling our existence as the rat race or just a mere grind to survive. We are all made to thrive. May your grind this year have meaning, impact and of course, be enjoyable. If that’s not the case currently maybe start by just imagining it then verbalizing it. I read Dr Johnson spencer’s book – Out of the Maze, during my break and he says, “sometimes you have to believe it before you can see it”. What do you see? And after you see what do you need to do?

I always look forward to my annual personal Annual General Meeting (the December break) as an opportunity to take stock of the ending year and forecast how to maximise the new year. Armed with my journal and current reading I set off with excitement. Thanks again to the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR)  we got to the coast in a reliable and extremely affordable manner. I wanted my baby sharks to experience the ferry at Likoni crossing for the first time so that was fun despite the two hour wait at the crossing. Why again that inefficiency can’t be sorted out, your guess is as good as mine.

We finally got to our destination safely and still in high spirits. After settling everyone down I got a spot under a palm tree facing the sea the following day. That was to be my spot for the entire time we were on holiday. That’s how my board room looks like at every end of the year. Sir God and I usually have intense but also uplifting conversations about this life he gave me. I decided that I will bug him until I accomplish my assignment on this earth. Folks do not settle for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. That’s a great disservice to you and those around you.

By day two of our AGM, I could feel like there was nothing new to discuss. It’s like the year 2021 was coming to an end but its projects were not. They were continuing into the new year it seemed. I think I’m finally maturing hehe. Because unlike before I didn’t fight that feeling. I decided to interrogate it further and see what’s there. My coaching through the Halftime Institute grew in 2021. We even formed Halftime Africa which aligns perfectly with my mission statement. My photography also grew after doing my first full (and solo) photo safari in the Mara. I even got one of my images shortlisted in a competition. As for my desire for public service board roles, I continued to put myself out there for opportunities. I feel it’s just a matter of time before I land a good one.

So after taking stock of 2021 I realised (and finally agreed with the boss upstairs) that maybe we just keep the momentum and tweak a few things to be more intentional this year. Once I made peace with that I was content. That’s why I said happy continuous year. Because it feels like yes, physical time moved from one year to the next but the process of growth and development continues uninterrupted.

Maybe new year resolutions are not for everyone. Some of us may be in the middle of our resolutions when the year ends while others could be in sync with the new year. Either way, as long as we are moving in the right direction I think it’s all good. I got back having hardly scribbled a thing in my journal but I did finish reading a great book on Transitions by William Bridges. Another sign that maybe it wasn’t time for new resolutions came from this book. He says, “ shift your purpose from the goal to the process of reaching the goal”. Often time I take year-end to also be the end of a goal and the New Year to be the time for setting new goals. It doesn’t have to be that way as I realized this time around.

I’m glad that I freed myself from the pressure to write down new goals just because it’s a new year. I think many of us do so more to conform than from conviction. And that could be the reason we see high subscription rates to gyms in January then a few months down the year a lot of people have fallen off. Make a resolution that you are willing to follow through on. Commitment is when we keep doing something when the zeal and fanfare are long gone. And that is why it has to be something you deeply believe in as that’s what will keep you going.

We all want certain things in life and we can have everything we want in life. Yes even in an election year like this one you can have everything you want but if you will just help enough other people get what they want. That’s wisdom from Zig Ziglar. And helping people has no new year or end year. It’s a lifelong process (should be everyone’s goal) with no expiry date.

So in hindsight was my personal AGM postponed? I don’t know. This last break was more of what my friends in corporate call a check-in for realignment and recharge. I’m glad I didn’t fight it just to tick a box. Or because that’s how I have always done it.

Folks whether you have new resolutions this January or continue with last years plans, what matters is that you keep moving. The miracle is in the moving. Happy Continous Year.

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7 thoughts on “AGM Postponed.”

  1. MG says:

    Happy New Year Lucas!

  2. Bett says:

    Happy New Year, Lucas! Sorry, Happy Continuous Year! Hahha.

    I totally relate with what you are saying — I m also carrying on with what I started last year. I have learned not to let my goals and projects be defined by calendar dates, I now flow with feeling. With my heart and not my head. Surrender, trust.

    This approach is beautiful and liberating and daunting but in a wholesome and spiritual way. I love it!

  3. Franklin Mogire Manduku says:

    Happy new year bro!

  4. Mike Eldon says:

    Out of the Maze is a must read for everyone, a follow up to Who Moved My Cheese.
    Wishing you well for this year, Lucas, and looking forward to reading more of your Friday specials… one of my easy new year resolutions!

  5. Edna Muhanji says:

    Happy New Year Lucas! May God bless you and your family in this new year and beyond. You motivate me to keep going. Thank you.

  6. RB says:

    Happy Continuous 2022 Lucas! I discovered your 5-year reflections and ruminations last year, and reading them every week and going through the archives to catch up on what I had missed has been simply delightful, insightful, uplifting and refreshing. Your Kenya-centric quips and narrative are interestingly reminiscent of ‘Sunny Bindra-style’ penmanship and methinks you have compiled enough material for at least a couple of bestsellers! Your ‘AGM Postponed’ also reminds me that earthly time is a mere construct of the motions of the earth and the moon around the sun, i.e., the earth’s spinning on its axis like an inclined top gives us our 24-hour days, the moon’s ringside observations of this phenomenon in obedience to earth’s gravitational pull on it that makes it eternally go round the earth gives our 13 lunar months, and every completed revolution around the sun by this earth-moon tango is what we call a ‘year’ (apparently originally from the Greek ‘horos’ -must be where ‘horoscope’ came from!) I’ve always wondered what would happen if all earthly and celestial motion were to stop abruptly; would earthly time as we know it also stand still? The lesson I have learnt from all this is that time can be meaningless at times, and rather than overthinking and recalibrating it, just keep moving!

  7. Angie says:

    Haiya Lucas we are completely on the same page cause it’s happy continuous new year for me too and my word for the year is BELIEVE! Looking forward to a good year and more of your insights!

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