Today marks exactly four years since I started this blog. And it’s my birthday week too. My mpesa number remains the same for those who haven’t sent in their birthday wishes hehe. I started writing to fungua lock. The conversations in my head were getting louder and I needed to release the pressure. It felt like I was in a club and seated right in front of the main speaker at the peak of the hang when the DJ is at the top of his spin. Writing has been quite therapeutic for me. Now I see why we are encouraged to journal if we are to improve our lives.

From someone who only wrote when it was mandatory, I believe I have come a long way. Reading and writing are two habits that turning 40 gifted me. Before that, I only read the Business daily, perused bank documents when applying for a loan, and my bible when going to bed. Now I buy books eagerly and have even subscribed to audible and Scribd. Reading and writing feed off each other. Jackson Biko told us during his master writing class in 2017 that the more you read the better a writer you become. I can testify to that four years later.

I remember asking Biko how where he gets stuff to write about year after year. Besides reading widely he advised us to be keen on observing our surroundings and life in general. Life will always give you stuff to write about but that will happen only if you are observant. Again I can testify to that. I think I’m an improved human as a result of being more aware and letting everyday life speak to me. It’s a case of smelling the roses and then writing about them.

The commitment of posting an article every week has been a labor of love sometimes. Some weeks have been busy and my mind goes blank so I get tempted to skip that week. Then I remember the counsel of another writing great, Oyunga pala. He said that when we stop writing then it gets much harder to resume. Writing is like working a muscle. You have to keep at it even when it’s difficult and inconvenient. That’s what sets apart great writers from jokers.

I still remember Oyunga saying that he would open his computer and stare at the screen and soon a random thought would show up and he’d start typing away. In other words, do whatever you have to to get the creative juices flowing.  Biko has run his blog for more than a decade I believe and now has two small books under his belt. Oyunga was the reason I’d buy the Saturday Nation for years just to read his Mantalk column.

My mentor Mike Eldon has the oldest column in the business daily paper. He’s probably the oldest contributor too. Another columnist I admire is Sunny Bindra. He’s had his column in the Sunday nation for about two decades. Is it a coincidence that the writers I follow have been at it for so long? I suppose not. Just like cream, they have risen to the top.

I want to grow to be in that league of Kenyans who influence society through their words (and actions too). I feel like a dwarf with my four years of writing compared to the gentlemen I’ve mentioned here. But then again I’m encouraged because it’s not a competition. I’m proud of the far I have come.

One of my biggest motivations is when a reader reaches out to share a breakthrough that came from reading my Friday article. That keeps me writing every week. My voice is forming slowly. To positively impact people’s lives and communities.

As I start my fifth year of jotting down my musings I look forward to what life will give me to share here. I also hope that in the process I will encourage others to write. We all have a story to tell and we owe it to the world. Myles Munroe said that at the cemetery lies some of the greatest stories never told. How sad. Get over your excuses folks, open your laptops or take your pen and paper and start writing. It will come believe me.

Thanks for passing by here over the last four years and allowing me to be part of your existence. I hope I have colored your life somewhat through my stories. Looking forward to what lies ahead. Oh and I think I’m ready for some guest writers now. Inbox if you have a story to share. I would be happy to share this platform with you.



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5 thoughts on “Year 5”

  1. Kimunya Mugo says:

    “Writing has been quite therapeutic for me. ” I like that! Thank you for continuing to share your thought. It has been my outlet too over the years. Keep writing… actually, shouldn’t I get back to my own writing?

  2. Oyunga Pala says:

    Happy to see you reach this milestone Lucas. Amazing achievement and thank you for the kind words. May the writing spirit stay with you but as you know by now, it is all about showing up on that blank page every week and starting again. All the best.

  3. Joseph Kahuko says:

    I admire the journey of your life and the courage to make the decisions and actions that you have taken. A lesson indeed for me. Kudos and all the best!

  4. Linda Gitau says:

    Lucas, you can be sure that your writing has a positive effect. I read your blog and love it. What strikes me is what a humble man you are and I really admire that. I believe that to be a great leader at any level, you need humility. Humility makes one a better spouse, parent and worker wherever you are in life. Be blessed brother, you’re doing a great job in impacting lives.

  5. Caroline says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Thanks for your insight and am glad to find a fellow subscriber to Scribd and Audible. If you can, read “Organizing your Private World” and “The Life that God Blesses” by Gordon MacDonald. These books are gems – well written and insightful nuggets of wisdom. Thank me later

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