This should be a more exciting week than it feels. It is the birthday week for both me and this blog. Its been four years since I started writing and I have loved the journey so far because writing has been very therapeutic. It has also helped me order my private world hence being of more value to the outside world.  Another exciting reason is that many folks continue to pick some insights from my musings.  That has helped them on their journey to significance in one way or another. Thank you, guys, for the time you spend reading and sharing my posts. I don’t take it for granted.

I blame corona for the lack of fun fare and party mood this week. We are required to self-isolate, social distance and be on lockdown. All the factors that kill a good party environment. I am not entirely sad though because just like my last five birthdays I find myself in a somber and reflective mood every 31st of March. I woke up at 12.47am on that day to have a virtual meeting with myself and Sir God above, now that we should keep our distance from each other. Thankfully Sir God didn’t seem to have received the memo from our Cabinet Secretary of Health to keep distance. He just let me into his chamber, and we had a one on one.  I felt some good vibes.

I am now one year into the second half of my 40s. I’m in halftime within halftime. I’ve tried evaluating the last six years and it feels like I’m in motion towards greatness. I have chosen that as my belief and I’m sticking with it even when it doesn’t seem so. The thing that stood out in my birthday meeting on Tuesday was that everything I have done (and doing) in my 40s so far has been heavily reliant on self-drive, blind faith and a lot of fear that has subsided with time. Even when I didn’t know what I was driving towards I had to work hard on being positive. Things started looking up when I wrestled the negative vibes that had clung onto me like a virus.

It’s like I first needed to get positive vibes then positive things would start happening. That confirmed a quote I like that says. “When the student is ready the teacher will show up”. Folks there is never a shortage of bad in this life. Corona virus has made it an oversupply. There is a lot of good, but it seems to lie low and often goes unnoticed. We need conscious effort to attract and increase the good that we desire in our lives. From my experience the amount of good that comes to us is directly related to the positive vibes that we have within us. Negative vibes mostly attract negative outcomes while Positive vibes tend to lead to positive outcomes.

Through a lot of reading, meetings (mostly drink-ups and runs) with self and soul searching I can confidently say that my future of public service will be huge. One sign of that future is that it will be an assignment beyond my resources. I need to pray as if it depends on God for this second half calling to manifest but I also need to work as if it depends on me. That’s where cultivating and maintaining positive vibes comes in. There is a fake but popular Bible verse that says, “God helps those who help themselves”. Allow me to use it this once just to emphasize my point.

Id never have imagined that a strange global virus would disrupt my birthday like it has this week. Neither did I think that I would be writing about lessons learnt from it at the fourth anniversary of this blog. Strange times we live in indeed. Thanks to COVID19 we may not have parte after parte to celebrate my day of birth, but I feel somewhat happy quietly. Happy for the ground covered in the search for my true north. Happy that I have made some peace with not knowing what the future holds. Happy that I am more present in life today and working on making today count. And happy that I can accept that tomorrow is not in my hands.

The fact that I have chosen to work on my outlook in life during this season has enabled me to celebrate (albeit simply) the simple abundance amid this pestilence. A cute example was my baby shark trying to stay up till midnight to sing for me happy birthday. Her attempt at trying to beat sleep was priceless in her father’s eyes. That’s what good vibes do. I have come to learn that I am in control of what vibes play in my life.

Folks you cannot leave circumstances to determine how you feel or the outlook you have on life. We are human and there are times undesirable circumstances will get the better of us. But we must find a way sooner rather than later to get up and keep moving towards our destiny.

May you find the best possible vibes for your life folks. You need them especially now to get through this COVID19 crisis and come out on top. And may you be the best vibe manager you can be. It’s worth the effort. So, what’s your vibe good people?

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9 thoughts on “Vibe Manager.”

  1. MG says:

    Happy birthday once more and congratulations on the fourth anniversary of your blog. That’s the face of consistency right there! I admire your valour and candour, and the manner in which over the last 208 odd weeks you have shared your thoughts with us. Your blog has over time become my Friday morning rendez-vous. I wish you every joy and blessing and happiness and peace and hope in the year ahead. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His light shine perpetually upon you and may He grant you every desire of your heart.

  2. Mike Eldon says:

    Congratulations on the four years, Lucas. My BD editors tell me that few of us survive beyond a year, so your e-survival is not to be taken for granted. Wishing you (and us) many more of your blogs.

  3. John says:

    Happy birthday Lucas. Your style is effective in sending the message across. Keep up the persistence and dedication. Cheers.

  4. Victor says:

    Well done Lucus, and happy birthday. Your public service is so relevant, it’s like fresh air

  5. Wangari says:

    “When the student is ready the teacher will show up”. I badly need that ‘drops mic’emoji.
    Thank you for this. And happy birthday to you. To many more…

  6. Kamuru says:

    Wishing you and the blog many more. I suppose a virtual parte after parte during this lockdown is in order. Congs .

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