About two weeks ago I was in a kind of dilemma. I was wondering how to maximize two exciting experiences. I’ve been silently panicking that there is money on the table and I risk leaving it behind. Let’s call it a breakthrough panic. It’s a good feeling when you get recognized for your efforts, especially on a global platform. I have visited the national museum with some pals and my baby sharks to show off my photo and admire the rest of the collection. Me I think I can win the grand prize next year. The power of confession and visualization is important folks.

The second highlight was doing my first job interview and getting shortlisted. It was for a senior government position. The one they give you a tinted Prado with a driver hehe. Being shortlisted for a big job on my first attempt and getting highly honored in a global photography contest have been a good litmus test. You wonder how?

I have previously said here that past success is the biggest threat to future success. Unlike life in my first half where I became a victim of my own success, this time round I got into a positive panic and that was a good sign. Instead of thinking that I have arrived, I became quite uneasy. I saw it as more of a  beginning than an end. I have been concerned about what my next move should be since then to keep the momentum going. Success is where we recognize and celebrate our efforts and then move on to break higher glass ceilings.

My struggle (as shared last week) was how to proceed from this good place. Folks around pressure you to do all sorts of stuff to keep the fire burning but for some reason, you are uncomfortable with their suggestions. That was my situation. One morning conversation with Sir God settled it.  It gave me a way forward that aligned with who I am. That’s why it’s advisable to chat with Him preferably early in the morning before the noise of life picks up. The scripture for that day was Isaiah 60 : 3 – Nations will come to your light. And kings to the brightness of your dawn. The interpretation of this scripture is that we should continue shining as we perfect our craft and work our gifts. As we do that then Sir God strives on our behalf and even kings may end up seeking us out.

I strongly feel my two highlights mentioned above were a result of just me polishing my skills over time and the shine attracted both the interview and photo award. Many times we neglect to work on our gifts and instead focus on getting attention. We spend an awful amount of effort (and even money) posturing and strategizing to impress people so we can get noticed and picked. While there is a place for intentional networking and showing up, I find that we impact more when our shining does the striving for us. Consequently when we get the opportunity we desire then we can concentrate more on doing the job than paying back those who got us there. Work is more fun when we are no one’s project. There is space for creativity to kick in and not just for acting on behalf of others.

I do feel that it’s just a matter of time and the recent experiences will bear much fruit. One way to ensure that is by doing everything our hand finds to do with excellence. We may feel that no one is noticing us for a long time. Maybe that’s because we are being approved in private so that when the light can’t be hidden any longer we will mulika far and wide. That’s when you get a random call for your huge breakthrough. Someone might just be watching us without our knowledge. Let’s live as if we are being watched even when we are not. That mindset helps us put our best foot forward at all times.

Cream always rises to the top folks, eventually. No wonder they say the Bible has all the answers to our life situations. I now take comfort that influence and favor are the byproduct of us shining more and striving less. We want to enter the doors that have been opened for us and not the ones we force open. For if I force open a door then I require a lot of effort to keep it open and that leaves little or no energy to maximize the (forced) opportunity.

At the risk of making this sound like a Sunday church sermon, allow me to encourage us all to have a little faith. Yes, put yourself out there by all means but through the good stuff you do. May your talents, skills and gifts shine bright enough to attract the desired attention. And once the opportunity comes may your shining do the striving for you. That way you somehow live and work from a point of rest and relaxed assurance. Also when the time comes to leave that stage for another you will struggle less because your light will have mulikad the next phase of your life and your shining will usher you in.

With that kind of life then even kings will come to look for us. Imagine being looked for by Ruto just because He has seen something in you. May it be so in Jesus name. Amen? Amen. The more we shine then the less shouting we will need to do.

End of sermon. Now you can mpesa me your offerings hehe….




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6 thoughts on “Shout By Shining.”

  1. Angie says:

    Preach Lucas preach!!

  2. Mike Eldon says:

    Only driver, no bodyguard?

  3. Nyauci Kariuki says:

    I have enjoyed this read. I am an advocate of “shine quietly, doing whatever you do with excellence and your shine will shout.”

  4. Mitch says:

    Timely advise.

    You are great in storytelling/ writing too.

  5. Carol auma says:

    Great insightful points here. Very refreshing

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