I love my kids’ school. When Mummy shark and I were shopping for a school for the first evidence of our union (I called her the heir to my estate) we (read she) went around a few schools in our hood. After what appeared like a good sample size to choose from she asked that I go with her so we can settle on one. The first school we visited was Rusinga school. For some reason, I liked it enough not to want to check out another. I especially liked how they made a fuss about the Christian faith. This world is treacherous. If some God can soak into their young malleable hearts and minds then I’m willing to work the graveyard shift to keep them in class.

The theme for this academic term is social skills. Being a Christian school the scripture to accompany the term’s theme is Matthew 7:12 – “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the law and the prophets”. Another scripture they have is Romans 12: 16 – “Live in harmony with each other. Don’t be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don’t think you know it all.” I think that part of thinking we know it all should be in our national anthem as Kenyans. We are full wajuaji hehe.

Interesting that this school would be having such a theme in an election year. Maybe the children are trying to tell us something. If there is a time we needed to improve our social skills it is now during the campaign season aka silly season. We are seeing and hearing all types of bad manners from our politicians both incumbent and aspirants. It’s like the cruder you get the higher the chances of getting elected. It’s sad but we are said to be a young democracy so guess we are still growing. It does feel like stunted growth sometimes and we get to be reminded of it every five years. We need to urgently up our game in setting a good example for our small people. They are no longer the leaders of tomorrow. Tomorrow is today. Almost yesterday.

This week my baby sharks took part in a poetry competition at school. I consider myself an above-average public speaker so it was fun coaching them on how to deliver their poems. I became so invested in how they will speak, speed and volume of speech, facial expression, tone and even their hand and body movements. Maybe I’m living precariously through my kids hehe. Or I should be a teacher in my next life.

We practised their lines at home in the evenings and on the way to school and it paid off. I was proud to watch their good performance on stage earlier this week. We’ve noticed how something goes into our subconscious when repeated. We’ve even been told that if we repeatedly do something for twenty-one days it becomes a habit. I’m still saying the lines in my head till now.

My son’s class poem was on self-control. Again what a timely reminder in this election year. Lack of it has caused untold suffering and destruction in our country. At an individual level too we have caused heartache to many by our lack of self-control. I am now internalizing the words of this poem by Ms Mary Amondi. I felt like my son was challenging me to up my game. Truly the solutions to some of the world most pressing problems lie with our children. Their hearts are pure until we pollute them. But then again some of us were also polluted so it’s a vicious cycle.

We can however break that cycle and seek to be better humans by being childlike again, at least in some of our thinking and reasoning. If you have a politician pal please feel free to share this poem. But let’s also apply it to our own lives and up our game as far as self-control is concerned. And not just in 2022 but beyond. Remember the winners and losers of the uchaguzi will still be living in this country after August. I’ll let the words speak to you.

Keep your face in place.

When the world expects you to lose it,

For being falsely accused.

Just remain whole and make sanity your role.

Always remember to hug your temper,

Truly you’re in control.


At the dentist, I was apprenticed,

To munch on healthy lunch.

I pack candies and patties coz they’re my fancy.

Wait !…. but I know my battles!. So…

I grapple and pack apples…..

Oh yes!….. I am in control.


I know it takes two to tangle.

But what will I gain from a wrangle?

If I return the strangle,

From a mean friend battling life’s struggles.

I cancel and disentangle the wrangle,

Coz I am in control.


To my teachers and my keepers,

A little grace extended to us will go a long way.

We may be sulky, jumpy, naughty, nosy and noisy.

Being haughty and bossy won’t help.

Don’t lose it!….just excuse yourself and reduce the truce,

For sure!…. that’s self-control


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  1. Awesome musings….I am awed!

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