December has been a busy month, at least in comparison to the rest of the year. Work has picked up and my phone has been ringing. A good sign of this has been looking for a charger on the go or borrowing a power bank from people. I hate those things by the way. I find them so bulky. I wish there was a smart phone with a long lasting battery of a mulika mwizi that lasts for days.

For the last seventeen years, the last three months of the year have been very busy in my industry. This is when business was at its peak and Christmas is just part of the busyness.  We celebrated and rested in January. It’s also much cheaper to holiday in January. Biashara  picking up this December  has reminded me of the days when we would work late into the night , sometimes drenched in the rain and moving from site to site in my overloaded pickup with my staff hanging on it precariously. Thank God we did not have any accidents.

As I look back, I miss those times sometimes. Not so much because of overworking, but that sheer determination and driving force that pushed me to overcome all challenges so as to deliver a great gig for our customers. There was no space in my mind for the impossible. I should have written yote yawezekana at the back of my old, faithful pickup back in the day.

The last three weeks have been a reminder of those hectic days, but something has changed this time round. I don’t think it’s the industry, though this year has been a challenging one to say the least. The change is internal because I’m finding it much more difficult to keep up with the fast pace. I have less interest and capacity for handling emergencies, which is the norm in the events industry. I feel so worn-out like some of the old killeton Sacco mathrees that operate in my area.  I attribute this to finding new passions. If it were not for my team led by my very able GM Jackie, things would be much worse in the business.

Sometimes in life we know that we need to move on, but the comfort zone of the familiar keeps us stuck where we have always been. Plus fear of the unknown too. Then reminders of how life was before show up to confirm whether we should stay on a while longer or move onto something new. It could be a new job or business. Maybe a new relationship or residence. This December has been a throwback December that has confirmed what I already knew. I need to occupy a new space so I should continue making the move that I have started. Early this week an old campus friend of mine who works for a radio station invited me to speak in her morning show. I had a blast. Maybe I should try radio if it’s that much fun. I took that to be a sneak peak of my future, especially while in this reminder zone of my past. It’s no coincidence these two happenings. At 40 there are hardly any coincidences. Things start aligning themselves in an order that’s very intentional and deliberate. You just have to be tuned in; otherwise you’ll miss the bus as it were.

Folks as we come to the end of 2017, allow me to thank you for reading my writings since March and for your valuable feedback and validation. I hope they have been of help in your journey. Secondly let me challenge you to look within and see what reminder situations you may be in currently and what they are saying or showing you as far as your future is concerned.

I see mazuri ahead…

Next week my head will be stuffed with goat meat so I may write gibberish here. We see you in the New Year. Live long good people and happy holidays.

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4 thoughts on “Reminders.”

  1. Terry Kinyua says:

    Thanks Lucas for your much awaited article every Friday! I have reflected, been inspired and above all I have been entertained (lol, and you did catch your flight from Mombasa hahahahaaa!). Safe crossings my rela, and see you in 2018. God bless

  2. Levi Marang'a says:

    Wow bro, good job and there is truly a very bright light at the end of the tunnel. Happy blessings 2018!!!!

  3. Joe Wainaina says:

    Happy merry Christmas and A Happy New Year Lucas to you and your close ones!!

  4. Jos says:

    You are an inspiration

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