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Raw Settings.

We’ve heard about raw talent, raw power, raw food and other types of raw. I looked up the meaning of raw and what I found requires parental guidance to explain hehe. So I found raw emotion describing what I want to say better. A raw emotion or quality is strong and natural, but not controlled or developed. We describe our kids as having raw talent when they shine in a sport or activity. We get a glimpse of their gifts and talents before they are fully developed.

Sir God is fair. He has deposited a set of skills, interests, passions and talents in each of us. I like that we are all different. No one is a copy of another. Sadly many of us admire others so much that we get caught up trying to be like them. Remember Sunny Bindra’s advice last week. He cautioned us not to be a faded photocopy of someone else.

I’m loving my coaching and photography. I do enjoy taking pictures and speaking. I consider those as gifts that I was born with. And I have been cleaning them up over the years. I’m not sure if it’s by design or default that my family has become entangled in my passions. It’s important to note that once we decide to develop our talents then those closest to us will be affected. We just need to ensure they are affected positively.

Another realization (more like a shocker) is the amount of effort required for our talents and passions to shine. It’s a labour of sweet love to refine our craft (gift). Attempting to live from my talents has also given me a sense of responsibility for others. Like I need to maximise on the deposits within me for the sake of others. There are folks whose success depends on our success. Our lives are intertwined like that.

We are the best version of ourselves when we live from our gifts. Consequently, our circle of influence becomes bigger and better. My pal Kevo reprimanded me positively a few years ago and challenged me to boldly pursue my passions. I gave all the reasons (read excuses) that make me hold back waiting for some appropriate time in the future. He proceeded to interrogate how I would feel if I did what I loved and was good at. Of course, my satisfaction levels would be very high.

He then asked what version of Lucas would I be operating from and who would benefit. Again I responded that I would be my best self. Finally, he asked how that would impact those in my life. I responded somewhat irritated by now that obviously, they would benefit by having the best version of me. Since that conversation, I have endeavoured to live authentically and work on being my original copy. It’s a work in progress. Luckily there’s no deadline so just keep doing you folks.

Since then some surprising things have happened. I have written here how my baby sharks have often accompanied me on my photography trips to the bush. Consequently, they have picked the interest. My older girl loves painting. During this long school holiday, she told me that she would like to paint some of the photos we have taken so I got her some stretched canvases and acrylic paints.

I was surprised by her first attempt at painting a photo we had taken. It was of the Lilac-breasted roller bird. I was sufficiently impressed so I have bought her more canvases to paint our photos on. Now we are exploring how we can do a gallery and attempt to sell them. If her talent can pay her school fees, I would be a happy father hehe.

As I pursue my raw talent and try to develop it, it’s rubbing off on my family simply by the exposure they have to it. And photography is a good parallel to my story today. That’s because we take photos in raw settings instead of jpeg. That makes it possible to edit and enlarge the image as much as we want without losing the detail and sharpness. But good focus is key for that to happen.

In the same way, may we focus on developing our talents and refining them for the sake of a better life and community. As we focus on activating our passions we may unknowingly influence the next generation to give their gifts a chance and hence live more fulfilling lives. I’m glad I took the risk to do what I enjoy and love. I hope it has given my baby sharks the motivation and permission to do life as an original and indulge their gifts and skills without the pressure to conform to others.

Please remind me of this article in future if my son comes and tells me he wants to be a DJ or an artist and I’m struggling with it. So go ahead and give your talents a chance. They were put in you for expression not to lie dormant. It is never too early or late to start. If you’re reading this then you’re right on time.




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4 thoughts on “Raw Settings.”

  1. Wow, your daughter’s painting talent is AWESOME 👏. Thanks for being an inspiration to your baby sharks; KEEP IT UP 👍🏽

  2. Angie says:

    Lucas, this one rings very true for me and my Simply Organised business.

  3. Njoki says:

    I love your daughter’s painting. I also enjoy reading your articles every Friday. Thank you and keep going.

  4. MG says:

    Your daughter’s painting is beautiful. And oh my goodness about the DJ comment. My (secret) bucket list includes taking DJ lessons because I love music, and might I also add have a huge repotoire, but I have put them off until my children finish university so that there’s no talk about dropping out to become a DJ🙈.. It’s made me see my own prejudice yet it’s a noble career like any other. God places us wherever He chooses yet in Saint Ignatius famous words, your deepest desire is God’s will for you.

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