Is there a way we can commercialize the humor that Kenyans display on social media? Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have become a force to reckon with. We pick any random occurrence in our daily existence, add Aromat and it starts trending. Ours is Just for laughs at a whole new level. I think it is a good coping mechanism, especially with unga at 200 bob. If only we could package our mcheko for export. We could even pay our loans with it. Perhaps our new administration can look into that by creating a ministry of laughter hehe.

Our national elections were largely peaceful and I was proud of how we behaved as Kenyans. Sadly the stinker came at the tail end when all hell broke loose at Bomas of Kenya. Chebukati differed with his colleagues and that led to the two presidential candidates going to the supreme court, one to have their win confirmed and the other to seek its nullification. Another point of pride here. That our courts and judicial system are clawing back some credibility and independence. Martha Koome and her six colleagues ended the show with decorum, professionalism and with a sense of fairness. I’m glad they didn’t pick up those many calls over the weekend as they made their ruling. May justice continue to be our shield and defender. And to us, maybe we shouldn’t pick up calls when we are preparing to make an important decision for we may get derailed if we do.

Four commissioners of the independent elections and boundaries commission (IEBC) differed with their chairman, went to Serena and declared that in their view the tallying and counting was opaque. That when you add up the votes there was a difference of 0.01% of the votes cast missing in the hesabu. As the lawyers prepared to fight in court with all their legalese, KOT took that and ran with it. Within no time there were memes and funny arguments on what 0.01% means. We started doing calculations that insinuated that we are not very good at mathematics. Thankfully the week of my lords came to an end and what followed was the week of my landlord hehe (rent is due at the beginning of the month). Another meme from KOT.

Google defines opaque as “not able to see through; not transparent”. The split in IEBC put the country on pause. We were victims of an opaque situation. What we would call grey areas. Progress and growth hardly thrive in grey areas. And that’s where many of us do life at a personal level. Average and mediocre could be close relatives of opaqueness.

We hold back from indulging our passions and talents because we are afraid of something. Maybe it’s our lack of confidence, fear of failure or what people may say. Or just that we are trapped in our comfort zones and hence not disturbed enough to venture into the unknown. Whatever the reason, fact is that as long as we are not clear on what we want and put in the effort to get it then we will continue living an opaque life.

The supreme court ruling made it clear who our fifth president will be and already positive vibes are being felt all over our country. Yes, Maisha is ngumu but the fact that we can now move on brings some positivity with it. Indeed the miracle Is in the moving folks and I pray that Kenyans get some of those miracles because we would do with some right about now. Kwanza kwa mfuko.

Most folks we admire and look up to are clear about what they want and are fairly transparent about it. We can see through them because they let us. As a result, they have become thought leaders in their fields and openly share what they are passionate about. And by so doing they attract others to help them achieve their goals. And that’s how the universe operates folks. Once you have a measure of clarity and get on with the program, resources (including people) show up to help you achieve your agenda. It shouldn’t then come as a surprise if we are feeling lonely in an opaque existence. That could be because the lack of transparency blurs our vision and others too. Consequently, people struggle to see what we have to offer.

I know it’s uncomfortable to put ourselves out there to be counted but we have to if we are to live meaningful and impactful lives. The opportunities and potential that clarity reveals far outweigh living in the grey areas. Even the Good book warns us that we will be sput out of God’s mouth if we remain lukewarm, neither hot nor cold.

I hope the last two weeks shown us clearly how we disenfranchise ourselves when not transparent. May we seek to do good, live openly as much as we can and have a singularity of purpose. The benefits are endless and life will be much more supu. Try it folks and thank me later.

And as we work on ourselves may we get on with building our great nation by being less opaque in our dealings wherever we are planted. God bless us all and God bless Kenya.





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