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So my name is Lucas, born on this day 43 years and bred in this great city in the sun, married  12 years to a remarkable lady, proud father of 3 totos, founded and running an events business for the last 16 years and now at this cross roads. have been at this crossroads for the last 3 years since i turned 40. I hate the common term used called midlife crisis so I won’t call it that. so today is the 3rd year crossroads (read confusion) anniversary. so today 31st march 2017, i invite you to share your thoughts and read mine, especially for those in my space in life. i know we are many.

I’ve wanted to start writing for the last 3 years since I turned 40. It’s a crazy age I tell you. I read a book from cover to cover, which is a big feat for me as I’m a very poor reader. The book HALF TIME by bob Buford is a brilliant book. Reason I read it is because I’ve been on a search since I turned 40 and so I thought it would provide some guidance. It definitely helped but almost 3 years later I’m still on this search and writing here is one more attempt in my search. What search? You may ask.

What it’s all about? Life. Why I’m I hear? Why do I feel like there’s still so much I haven’t done or should have done? My significant others tell me I’ve done so well at my age but why do I see and feel the opposite of that. Like I should have been further in my business, my financial security and my life as a whole. Is this all I could have done in 40 years? It’s such a long time to have only come this far. I should have done better.

So on the morning of 31st march 2014 when I woke up this were the questions and thoughts in my head. Instead of celebrating my life I questioned and felt disappointed in myself. Panic and fear soon checked in and I had a physical reaction to my age (choo).

This seemingly huge crisis has finally forced me to share my life now with other chaps (who I know are many) and I hope that as many of us as possible will come out on the other side of this labyrinth having found our significance. And what better day to start this new chapter of my life than today, the day i was born.

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32 thoughts on “New Beginnings”

  1. Angie Ireri says:

    Happy birthday Lucas & well done for saying out loud what so many people are feeling but not talking about. As you continue on this journey think of these 3 words passion, purpose & service
    With much love
    Aunty Angie

  2. lmaranga says:

    Thanks tata. Guess as one grows older the need to conform diminishes and authenticity increases.

  3. Chef Paul says:

    Happy birthday Lucas…it’s only a beginning of finding that which you want…Have a good one.

  4. Monica says:

    Happy birthday Sir….its better late than ever and i like what am reading…

  5. Ivy says:

    Hey Lucas, congratulations on starting out believe me there it’s daunting thinking of writing and more so what other people will read and have opinions on! Resilience and Focus are my two words for you, now that you have started you must continue, it’s bound to be a fabulous journey! Onwards and Upwards👊🏾

    • lmaranga says:

      Asante Ivy for the heads up. I’m sure this new unknown has hidden treasures. Going into this with a red L plate (learner) and i’m sure we shall be glad we got started.

  6. Audrey Ahmed says:

    Hi Lucas. Happy birthday Ush love from mummy Audrey. I guess when we arrive at 40 we tend to look back and see how much we have accomplished. But I would like to ask you a question have you made a difference in somebody’s life, are you where God wants you to be? In our journey of life we through many seasons and maybe you need to discover your next season in your journey. We work so hard to be accomplished financially and when we get there we ask what next. Well I challenge you to trust God for a new seasonin your life. It may even involve change. I don’t know only God knows but will be praying for you

    • lmaranga says:

      Mummy Audrey greetings. I may not have answers to all your questions but im learning to put in the big stones (family and relationships) in the jar first in my decisions. Through this platform i hope to touch someones life. Really looking forward to CHANGE.

  7. Lilian says:

    Happy bday my brother. I feel you on this. I most recently starting having the same thoughts very seriously. What is life meant to be like? The words passion, purpose, calling sometimes seem so big and I want to break them down. So this year I went searching for their meaning and God made sure I had all the time to discover myself. Am still discovering but I have found new meaning in serving. Seeking to serve others around me daily has given me meaning. Choosing to stop and take note of majic moments daily; expressing gratitude daily and loving my family. I am far from my destination but making and effort to enjoy the journey. So as you turn 43 my dearest brother Seek to enjoy the journey as you keep learning and turning new pages in this book of Life. Mob love to you.

    • lmaranga says:

      i feel you big sis and thank you for being a co traveller on this journey. We have started so i’m sure we shall arrive.

  8. Mwongeli says:

    A blessed birthday Lucas, today is the first day of the rest of your life. Enjoy it! Savour it……. My you have the most fabulous next half of your life!

  9. Muchau says:

    Hi Lucas. Happy 43rd. Just know there is so much ahead, don’t worry about the past. You start stand tall above most and key as said above is to touch others lives positively and leave them higher than you found them. There there is real satisfaction.

  10. Louis says:

    Storytelling k gut be your most rewarding endeavours – especially if you have a connection with God. As you pen them down, He’ll minister to you – sometimes you’ll be writing things and reading them for the first time and getting new perspective.

    Happy Birthday brother and may it be a great year ahead.

  11. Wangui Muraya says:

    Interesting! “Life begins at 40” who ever came up with that must have had a major awakening. The most amazing thing is to wake up every day and know that we have to fulfill our destined life purpose. Happy birthday my friend!

  12. Jack Maina says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Lucas

  13. Levi says:

    Letting go and Letting God in everything we are doing and planning to do would be the challenge I bring to you bro! God’s blessings are constantly chasing those who fear and dwell in His presence. Love you bro and this is a great big step to come out loud and be vulnerable. Be blessed and continue growing.

    • lmaranga says:

      Asante bro. I read somewhere we are most alive when most afraid. Or something close to that. Its a matter of feeling the fear and doing it any way.

  14. Frank Manduku says:

    My brother, from another mother!! Well done! It is finally here! I’m excited and ready to read more of what you pen down about your experiences in this short life of yours…of ours! It’s been an exciting journey with you thus far since I knew you like kedo 13 years ago as we sat together being taught how to do life in marriage! Enjoy the journey bro…

    • lmaranga says:

      Mchungaji Frank asante. You have constantly been a beacon for me and a few other guys (you know them). Lets do this.

  15. George Nuthu says:

    Lucas, thanks for sharing your honest thoughts as you turn a new leaf in your life of 43 yrs. Looking forward to hearing about your thoughts and experiences and learning.

    • lmaranga says:

      Joji my big brother. Thankyou. You influence my thoughts positively so do not be surprised when you see familiar reflections here. cheers

  16. Patricia Kariuki says:

    Hi Lucas. Thank you for the honour in inviting me to be a participant in your journey. 43 serves, on average, as a mid-point in our journey through life so your soul-searching is definitely spot on and very good. I speak as a 52 year old and very grateful to be this age which I can say, without apology, makes me wiser, gentler and very grateful to God for so much. Hitting 40 got me on the same journey you’re on, wondering whether I am living out my purpose as God intended it. Somewhere along the reflections, I realised my experience, the people I had met and interacted with in my life were very much a part of the mosaic that God weaves for us which we do not think much about in our busy and excitable younger years. Turning 40 brings on that more reflective, deliberate and focused ( perhaps even slower) assuredness in the choices we make, in consultation with God. I loved being 40, I love the 50s even more! Lucas, you’re on a beautiful journey, embrace it. You will love it.

    • Lucas says:

      Thankyou ms kariuki. its an honor to have you put down your wisdom here. Seeing from our interactions You definitely are living out your purpose and im glad our paths crossed. I feel like im standing on the shoulders of giants.

  17. Antony Mburu says:

    Hey Lucas, brilliant blog I must say; and happy belated 43rd birthday. I joined you on 13th May. Enjoying reflections of “a man at 40”, well infused with your enduring humor. Cheers bro…you’re a great man.

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