I will bury my father on Monday. It feels like I’m in one of those emotional movies on Netflix. I have stood by many friends and family as they laid their loved ones to rest. Today is my turn. Bui, my after 40 baby is the sole custodian of the baby crier title in my house. That trophy was passed onto me last Saturday at 9 pm when we got that dreaded call to return to the hospital. Dad had slipped away from us. I’ve been crying randomly since then.

We are here to celebrate Dad, Fathe, Guka, Tosh, my son. I called him all these names. We spoke about almost everything. We had many money and business conversations, our plans to secure our families, politics, and fatherhood. We even shared about random anxieties of life and people.

I will miss his texts on how he always started them with – Hi Son….

A good leader shows his people that he has the power but doesn’t have to use it. That was Dad. He created a healthy balance of relating with him and that gave us a safe space to grow and be ourselves. And he accepted what we became. I know because he said it.

Lessons from my father.

Presence. He was always available. Physically at home, I’d often meet him on the road in his Hardbody pickup and we would flash lights at each other and on text but not so much on phone.

Provision. Dad provided for us all he could. Mum has told us the many risks he took when they were younger to cover his family. He even bought me shoes earlier this year

Friendship. His broad smile was so welcoming and he was always ready to listen. I could feel his empathy when he spoke. He sought my opinion and that validated me sana.

Simplicity. He was an easy guy. Maximizing on small pleasures like driving mum to school in Thika, going to inspect their tree project in Nyeri with his brothers, to the market to buy produce for home, and sitting in his office doing his homework when he was in school.

Respect. Dad never pulled rank on us. He asked for help politely as if we were above him yet he was our father. He welcomed our opinions as he gave his. He even extended grace as my landlord when my business was doing badly.

I will miss doing life with my mzee. His many prayers over us, driving around looking for shambas, buying meat with him, and eating watermelons with ndumas for breakfast at home. Food is our love language and it runs in the family.

I will bury my father without any regrets because he knew that I loved him dearly. I said it to him, I showed him and I even texted him. And he returned the gesture. That comforts me greatly. He traveled light and allowed us into his world. Plus, he gave me the best mother, brother, and sister anyone could ask for

Rest well, my guy. Life will be hard without your cover but easy too because you’ve left a clear template. I just need to copy and paste for me to be a successful man.

So long son.




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26 thoughts on “My Dad My Guy.”

  1. Joe Wainaina says:

    That was poignant and touching and a fitting tribute to truly a great man. May he rest in peace..

  2. Shiro Muhika says:

    Pole Sana my guy. May dad rest in peace eternal. Soon we shall follow! Stay strong.

  3. Hannah Gatu says:

    Beautiful tribute Lucas; its an honour to have a Dad who becomes a friend. May you be comforted at this time, together with your entire family.

  4. Job Njiru says:

    A true gentleman indeed. His humility and warmth, such a comfort to us. The kind of man we wanted to be. He has left a legacy. Peace and Comfort to you all Lucas.

  5. Gathoni says:

    Your stories about your guy the past few years have been beautiful to listen to, laugh at and admire, especially because they mirrored my own with my daddy, before he left. In so many ways, the man you describe here has a rich legacy in you. Pole sana sana Murata. Pamoja!

  6. Aida says:

    A great mark of your Dad is the person and family man that you are. I’m sure he continues to beam with pride. Rest In Peace Mr. Maran’ga.

  7. Franklin Manduku says:

    That you will bury your dad without any regrets is such a powerful statement Lucas. It shows that you two kept close and had a great relationship, making the most of your forty-something years together. I salute you two for that! What matters in this world are relationships! People fight about property, money and all other things that don’t and will never matter more. But you and dad indeed had a blessed relationship together. I know coz we spoke about your interactions several times and I also got to see it once in a while. So long uncle Laban! Shalom Lucas!

  8. Anne Njenga says:

    Mr. Marang’a was such a warm person. I know you will miss him dearly. Thank you for honouring him with such a beautiful tribute.

    May you find peace and comfort in the days to come. May you celebrate the man he was and treasure precious memories forever! Praying for you and the family at this difficult time.

  9. Ruth Mageria says:

    Such a beautiful tribute of a great man of impact and influence! Almost a year to the day, I was talking to James about guka Laban and cucu Leah, and showing him pictures. You see when they heard that James was graduating from high school and had been accepted at the University of Central Florida, they sent him a cash gift.

    Sending lots of love and hugs…May dad’s memory continue to be a blessing to you all.

  10. Julius says:

    Such a nice tribute to a real man of God. He was a true gentleman. It such a honour that you will bury him without any regrets. Hold your head high. May his Soul rest in Eternal Peace.

  11. Annie says:

    What a beautiful tribute Lucas. Such precious memories. Oceans of overflowing blessings, strength and comfort to you all.

  12. Kathleen says:

    Beautiful tribute to your Dad Lucas. He will forever live in you- always. May you be comforted in knowing you had a complete relationship with him. Nothing was left unsaid. May the Lord give you and your family His peace and comfort in a way only He can. God’s Grace is sufficient.🙏🏾🙏🏾

  13. Mitchelle says:

    Lovely words for dad. We continue praying for you and your family. We will meet dad one day one time. Thayu.

  14. Florence Deuel says:

    What a great tribute to great man of God who lead with Charisma, he impacted our youth in the church in so many ways, his smile and laugh infectious. Pole sana brother , you have great shoes to wear as you carry on his legacy. May the Lord give you his peace. A life lived well. You will see him soon . Rest easy Baba Lucas, Bui and Levi.

  15. MG says:

    Dear Lucas
    What can I say except that you are so blessed to have had such a wonderful man who you call Dad. May his soul rest in eternal peace. And may you always think of him, even with a teary smile for the man that he made you to be.

  16. MG says:

    Mwathani amũhe kĩhurũko g’ĩtathirag’a, o mĩndĩ na mĩndĩ, Nĩgũtwĩke guo.

  17. Esther says:

    Sorry for your loss. Great tribute

  18. violet Ndumbu says:

    be comforted Lukas and family. Beautiful tribute

  19. Peter Karianjahi says:

    We worked with him at HFCK and all who had the privilege of working with him had just wonderful things to say about him. May he take his well deserved rest in eternal peace.

  20. Yassin says:

    A fitting tribute, great lesson, never leave it too late to express yourself and make amends. Live life without the ifs and buts, no regret, for when time comes calling there is no taking back what was said or done.
    Poleni sana my brother, from Him we came and to Him we return 🙏🏽

  21. Moses Karanu says:

    What a befitting tribute to a great man of God. Rest with the Angels Dad. Till we meet again.

  22. Angie says:

    Our dear Lucas you couldn’t have asked for a better role model and we see you following in his footsteps. He rests with God’s angels after a life well lived.

  23. Jackie says:

    This is a beautiful testament from a son to a Father. May the Lord comfort you with these beautiful memories.

  24. David says:

    Such a great pen off befitting the great man your Dad was. A Dad can be many things, a friend, a provider, a mentor a business partner et al. We thank God that you had them all in one great man. Rest in Peace Bwana Maranga Snr, your legacy has been copy pasted.

  25. Sudden says:

    Pole sana Lucas! Losing a Dad, and one that your are friends with, is even harder. Looking at you, I must say his legacy is assured and lives on. In my thoughts and prayers.

  26. Victor says:

    Such a great template, you are because he was. Pole sana Lucas. Thank you for sharing this.

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