My sister is the 40s version of my mum. The other day we were sitting in my office catching up after a cop had busted her for a broken tail light. It had been a quiet week. No kazi, then add to that we had no elec in the office, so no Wi-Fi, which has joined the category of basic needs nowadays like clothing and shelter. So Bui (as we fondly call her), asked me how I’m doing? Since I turned 40 she’s asked that a lot. I appreciate how concerned she is for me yet she’s at her crossroads too. She reads Bible verses to me and encourages me often. And since I don’t appreciate her enough, I dedicate this week’s column to Bui, my one and only sister, beautiful and strong.

Back to that morning, my answer to her question is the usual, still moving as I search for my true north. And of course Sir God’s loud silence. Then she responds with the combined wisdom of the three wise men that went to meet Jesus and deliver gifts after he was born. She says ”Lukay (my home name) every time you’re not sure what to do, go back to your last clear instruction.” This woman has faith that’s pure gold, having been tested by so much fire herself, yet remains in team Yesu. Ndani ndani kabisa.Never once have i seen her tempted to defect or atleast be an independent candidate. A true example of loving God unconditionally. And I think her reward is the simple and very happy farm life she enjoys with her mkulima namba moja husband and two supu girls.

It took a while for those words to sink in (I’m slow like that). You see, Bui is just one year older than me, has been through a lot in her life. I’d tell you all about it if she’d allow me to, yet she still has this positive energy and never-say-die spirit. Actually, I feel like a spoilt brat when I get moody about my life compared to her. She has suggested several options to get me unstuck and set off into second half and most of them I can’t argue with. I guess it’s because she knows me very well. Our personalities are very different. She’s forthright (bordering on kali) and what you see is what you get. While mimi I’m just a politician and mcheko. Many have interpreted her brutal honesty with being insensitive and cold. But because I know her well, I get it. In fact, sometimes I silently admire that confidence. I wish I had it, especially in biashara as it’s a vital ingredient. No surprise I’ve used her as my debt collector severally.

It took my sister to remind me what my last clear instruction was and that sometimes you just need enough light for the next step. She added a bonus by showing me what potential benefit my recent pit stop could have for my future. It truly does make a huge difference travelling the 40s rhino charge (that’s how it feels) with a sibling in the team. I have not appreciated Bui enough and this is my way of wishing her a second half that’s beyond her wildest imagination. And I promise to start inquiring more how she’s doing and being a more helpful baby brother.

Because she’s reading this I’ll tell her,”Bui you are like a lighthouse that’s lighting my path and that of many others even as you seek to light your own.” Now isn’t that a sacrificial sibling. Bui has taught me that we 40s folks need to hold each other’s hands now the same way we did when crossing the road to go home from kindergarten as we drank Moi’s school milk back in the day. Only thing we need to ensure is that we are holding onto the right hands, as the stakes are much higher now (plus there’s no more free milk nowwoi).

I love you my sister. Levo (our baby bro) and I are very lucky to have you.

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19 thoughts on “My big sis – Bui”

  1. Franklin Manduku says:

    Spoken like a real poet Lukey! Woah! Ati poet…! Lol.

  2. Jackie Kanyingi says:

    Yap! I can just hear her calling you “Lukay.” Nice!☺

  3. Levi Marang'a says:

    We love you sister. Good job bro for opening up. Baraka tele and love you guys!!!

  4. Lilian says:

    Oh my! What a beautiful piece. If you were here standing next to me including Levi, I would give both of you a big bear hug, even though you will need to squat for me to do that well!
    Am honored to have ‘come’ first in our home and I love you my baby brothers. Lucas it will be well, as you continue the search…

    Mob love to you guys!!!

  5. Wanja says:

    Wow! A beautiful piece and well said…Bui has been that light to many

  6. Junia says:

    A great piece lucas.

  7. Eva says:

    Beautiful, well said, many blessings to you Bui…

  8. Lucy says:

    Nice piece! Bui, you are a light period. Home and out. For holding on to Jesus no matter what, may he reward you😊

  9. Liz says:

    I kinda know Bui…and I concur with you! When I first met her, I thought she was such a snob! Jeez! And with her forthrighness made me kufura! And she would be like ‘ now what is wrong with you? Ati now you have kufurad for me?’ But once you know her, she’s special. She loves y’all and the claws come out when she feels her loved ones are threatened. She truly is a blessing. Love you Bui!

  10. Florence Deuel says:

    Well stated! Lukay i concur with you she is a strong and determined woman of God! I admire her zeal, her devotion to God , family n friends, every time I have come home n hooked up with her I get fueled up for the next 10 years! Proud to have Bui in my life! I love Bui

  11. Lilian says:

    Waah.. all you my friends. Thanks.

  12. Ruth Mageria says:

    Such a beautiful piece! Lucas you have a gift…keep at it, encouraging even those of us bordering on the upper 40s. Who could have thought that during our Karen ‘C’ and District 24 days?
    Bui, you are a true gem and an amazing woman of faith!

  13. lmaranga says:

    wow ruth that is a real throwback right there. Karen C prymo days. tumetoka mbali for sure and still going further.

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