Last week I traveled next door to Arusha with my wolf pack. Sancho turned 50 last year and we never got to celebrate him as is the ritual with our group. He’s the third to turn 50 in the pack. At  40 everyone got treated to a vacation and now we are doing it at 50. Wow, we have been together this long. My prayer is that we celebrate 60, 70, and even 80 while still together and able to swing a golf club.

Golf brought us together so most of these plots include playing golf. We played at the majestic Kilimanjaro golf estate (Kiligolf). It’s quite something out there. Beautiful views of Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru, all taken in from tastefully built homes that blend with nature. Mzungus have a way of keeping their buildings simple and rustic. I felt like relocating there despite the dry weather conditions. It must look amazing when green.

I always look forward to these plots because I get to recharge plus I love traveling. We all need to get away from our daily grind once in a while. It is good for the mind and spirit. Those moments make me appreciate life more and that somehow fuels my motivation when I get back to station.

I have met folks (mostly my parents’ age) who do not enjoy their many years of hard labor. All they know is a life of work and taking a holiday is seen as a waste of time and money. Enjoying, especially spending on themselves leaves them feeling guilty. While I agree that we should secure our retirement and future through hard work and self-restraint, it’s key that we find that balance where we live today as we invest for tomorrow. I’m a work in progress as  I sometimes get tripped by that guilt. Maybe there is no arrival. The journey is often the destination

A friend who in my view is living well today as she prepares for tomorrow has a WhatsApp profile picture that spoke volumes to me. It’s snoopy the cartoon with his friend seating on a deck overlooking a  lake. “Some day we will all die, Snoopy,” his pal remarks thoughtfully. “True but on all the other days we will not” responded Snoopy. That just settles it so simply yet powerfully.

Folks many of us spend a lot of our lives preparing to meet with the grim reaper or avoiding him at all costs. We are over-cautious, worried about when and how we will exit this earth. We eventually stop trying and resign our fate by consoling ourselves that we will die soon. We should live each day as if it was our last. That’s easier said than done because humans tend to over plan but I like the sound of that.

Our Arusha trip was a budget one. It wasn’t a good time because of bills and other commitments for most of us. But then again is there ever a good time? In hindsight, I think it was the best time for that road trip. Everything worked out so well. At the end of it all we will regret the things we never did. We got back home to our families and nothing had been lost. Plus they got the chance to miss us hehe.

When we live by creating happy and meaningful moments and then sharing them with others, we become better humans. My baby sharks and Mummy shark are the direct beneficiaries of a happy Lucas. That’s what I want to provide for my family, the best version of myself. Hopefully, my positive vibes will transmit to them and they will seek to be the best version of themselves too.

I’m sorry to draw parallels from death in today’s story but I’m beginning to realize that the more meaningfully we live then the lesser the grip on fear of death is. We have all seen the announcements in the obituary pages. They show the date of birth and the date of someone’s demise. There is always a small dash in between those two dates. And that’s where life is lived. In the dash in the middle.

We have no control over the two dates but can determine how our dash will turn out. Will it be empty and unfulfilled? or will it be so full that the dates are inconsequential? I want my dash to be significant and long. Folks let us live in Bold by following through on our commitments and being/doing the best we can to leave our world better than we found it. And please have some fun while at it. Even the good book instructs us to occupy till He (God) returns.

Sadly the next 50th birthday in my wolf pack is next year so feel free to invite me to yours if it is sooner hehe… and should you need a home away from home in Arusha let me know. I know a great guy who took care of us.

It is true we only live once. But if we live well then once is enough.



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One thought on “Live In Bold”

  1. Sam says:

    This is great Lucas. I also had a very energising and eye opening trip to Bondo a few weeks ago. We have an amazing country with many wonderful places and spaces to enjoy. Not to mention Kenya’s greatest assets, its hardworking people. Did I mention we were flown out to Kisumu by a friend in his private plane?

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