Apologies good people. It’s the cake season of my life it seems. Last Sato was yet another birthday for my most significant other. Mummy shark. She turned ** years old. Last time I checked she was 21 so who’s counting. This girl is focused so that gives you a clue that she’s not 40 where confusion attacks you like armyworms on a crop of maize. This chic grew up well and went to those schools where horse riding is part of the PE lesson (talk of finishing school). As for me, I mostly saw horses on Sundays at Ngong racecourse where mum would give us cash to go bet on the horses. We did more betting than horse race watching. Maybe SportPesa was HorsePesa then.

I met mummy shark through a good pal who was her boss then. She told me, “Lucas I think you’ll like this one,” so she set us up on a blind date. When she came out to meet me in the parking lot, she was very easy on the eye. We were off to a good start. My wife is and has always been a very spiritual girl (God knew I needed that). Our first date was attending a church service. I believe she was sizing me up to see if we shared similar values. I picked her up in my 504 pickup from her office in kile after work. It had only one functioning headlight. I think she internalised the reaction to the car. Maybe she thought I was those ask for transport guys. It’s about 14 years later now so I guess I passed the test. I don’t remember what the sermon by the Korean pastor was about. But I so remember the dinner date afterwards at Pavement in westie. She asked for a glass of red wine that had a long name. By the way, why is some wine referred to as dry yet it’s a liquid. Just wondering aloud. I can see my wine loving in-laws rolling their eyes already. But please note the girl asked for wine after I had placed my order. This was not tea or Fanta.

Last Sato was polite. The beautiful flowers from my number 1 florist in town, Shiro of Magnolia, did not disappoint. That morning my son and I surprised mummy with cake. She blew the four candles (representing the 4 main flames she lives with) cut a slice and off she went to do the Lord’s work. My son and I were left feasting on the cake.

Therefore, as we celebrate mummy shark’s birthday, a lot of stuff comes to mind. I recall one rainy morning about 11 years ago dropping her to work in Nairobi CBD with the same 504 pickup loaded with tents at the back on my way to a setup. She looked like a six figure cheque wearing those charcoal grey corporate power suits with matching stockings and sharp high heels. Her laptop bag and designer handbag were on her lap but there was a small problem. My 504 was letting in water from the rusted floor beneath our feet so her expensive shoes and stockings got wet. Yet she took it all in. Kweli tumetoka mbali. I suppose when people talk of marrying pure potential, this is what it looks like… I could tell many stories about that pickup.

Mummy shark has influenced my life and our family. Just like her wine, she’s getting better with age. This woman has the strength of an ox ploughing a shamba and gets things done to her high standards. I am learning how to allow her to influence my life which I have resisted many times. But the wisdom I now have on fourth floor tells me it’s a good thing to accept that influence.

Thanks to her sharp brain, our children are sharp in class too and are showing signs of self-confidence and awareness early in their lives. A mentor I once had years ago told me that a clever man with a foolish wife has very little chance of success. But a man, whether clever or not too clever with a sharp wife has a good chance of being successful in this life. I have a clever wife, check. I’m work in progress just past the above average mark, check. My chances at a successful future are looking good, and I won’t go broke paying tuition fees for the kids like my dad did for me. Dad, I owe you…

Fellas it helps a great deal when your mama pushes you to achieve more than you think you are capable of doing. Allow her. It will be for your benefit. Plus she’ll let you take the glory as if it was your doing solo. That’s what good wives do. That only works when we reciprocate that goodwill though. I have supported her fully by allowing her to be and do what makes her happy and better during our years together. As the saying goes, if mama ain’t happy no ones happy.

Here’s to many more birthdays mummy shark. At the beginning of this journey with you it appeared like you were not the wife I wanted. But as time passes I’m increasingly aware that you’re the wife I needed. Happy birthday from me and the beautiful evidence of our union.

Ps. Folks, just two more birthdays this year and we are done so bear with me.

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14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mummy Shark.”

  1. Franklin Manduku says:

    I so feel you about the influence of Mummy Shark on your life! There is a God!

  2. Jackie says:

    Happy Birthday Nya

  3. Es says:

    Lucas your writing made my afternoon…. Happy Birthday Mummy Shark 🙂

  4. Linda says:

    Bro have you thought of giving talks to male groups in churches? I’m ACK so our men’s group is K.A.M.A. Get my drift? I feel you have a very wise view on marriage.

  5. Angie Ireri says:

    Wow Lucas!!! Love you both!

  6. Linda says:

    Happy Birthday Nya! Always wonderful to read your blog Lucaa.

  7. Eva says:

    Mmmh Godly mama sharks are great, please share with more husbands… Happy birthday Nya…

  8. Levi Marang'a says:

    Very nice bro. Mummy Shark happy birthday

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