The book HALF TIME that I read has a subtitle, moving from success to significance. I’ve often wondered why I’m looking for significance yet I’m not successful yet (read I don’t have money according to me). I have mates who moved from their good jobs into business and it’s not been a walk in the park setting up in jua kali especially after many years in corporate image lifestyle. Life’s been hard or seemingly so for many guys in this 40 thing. You’re thrown in totally unfamiliar territory, your value seems to diminish and you’re not needed anymore. At least that’s how it feels like from most fronts. Home, work and society. Confusion moves in like a rela from shags.

I would recommend this book to my age mates or anyone who’s in this season. For some its way after 40 or even before. I actually once helped a dear aunt at her crossroads about two years ago and she’s over 50. Actually my halftime is largely responsible for this blog being started.

My biggest fear in life has been poverty and at 40 I could almost smell it. I know it sounds like I’m painting a DARK grey picture. It may not be that bad in reality but in my eyes it was worse. My wife can testify (I think)that I have talked more over the last 3 years than I have pre 40 in our life together. Talking about what I want, what I’d like to do, what I wished I did or knew, some fears I have and so on…. Pole mama for the rantings.

This year I secretly decided to pray less and action more hence my 2017 mantra of POSITIVE ACTION.  Pray less you wonder how now. I’ve always loved the good lord above and asked him to captain my life (though I wrestle him often in my foolishness). Remember I’m a guy and we don’t ask for directions. 40 is forcing me to eat humble pie and ask as I reduce ujuaji. I feel even the good lord is tired of my mdomo and wants me to start sewing and he shall provide the thread (Myles Munroe quote there). Now you see why praying less isn’t a bad idea sometimes.

I possibly have successfully confused you today with all this banter but it’s all good. Writing is now feeling like some sort of therapy so bear with me please. I’ll now stop here and go do something as I look for clarity to chase Confusion back shags ASAP.

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10 thoughts on “Half time”

  1. Jackline says:

    I can smell that 40. Thank you for the recommendation

  2. Abraham says:

    I can relate so much!

  3. Frank Manduku says:

    That “half time” is such a useful book! Let me reserve my comments for now and wait to read some more from you. Cheering you on…

  4. George Nuthu says:

    Lucas, for a man 40s the defining season! It brings his life hitherto into perspective and makes him forecast his future! It’s a make or break/do or die moment! Once you get it right, you’ll glind victoriously and graciously into your 50s and beyond!

  5. Levi M says:

    Great read bro!!
    Our perspective of life should be the glass half full as we continue to fill the glass.
    Reflection time is great but remember to invite God the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit in your journey. Baraka tele and Love you bro.

  6. lmaranga says:

    Gods the driver bro.

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