My buddy Chris once got stuck with his ex-Japan limo on Thika Road. He called me for assistance to get his car to the garage. Was it inconveniencing? Yes, but I didn’t think twice about helping him. After he explained how he got into that mess, I quarrelled with him because I felt there was some carelessness on his part. True to his style, he dismissed me telling me to get used to it because friendship is expensive. Over the years that we have been pals, he has used that line when I (or one of the other chaps in our group) complain about something inconvenient but necessary that needs to be done.

Last week was one of the most special times for me. I’ve heard that one should celebrate their birthday for the whole year especially a significant one like the silver jubilee. It seems that’s what is happening. My band of brothers took me for a golf road trip that began in the Rift Valley to Mt Kenya and back to Nairobi. It’s a tradition we have among ourselves when each of us clocks a major birthday.

Initially, I wanted to go to the coast but they decided to do it differently. The current heavy rains threatened to derail this plot and discussions of postponing it were had. My two older pals in the group tapped into their wisdom and suggested we can beat the road chaos especially the Naivasha Nakuru highway by leaving very early in the morning. That is what we did and I realised having old friends is beneficial in life hehe.

Bob picked me up at 5 am and we hit the dark road in the rain after picking Mike and Sancho. We were excited but still a bit anxious about any drama we may find up ahead. We got to Naivasha before 8 am and grabbed a coffee at that beautiful strip mall by the highway as we waited for Chris and George to join us. Getting to Naivasha was a smooth ride and that somehow assured us that the rest of this 700-kilometre round trip would be trouble-free.

We got to Nakuru an hour later and checked into the Fanaka suites at the PGS Plaza. This is a home away from home with a superb view of Lake Nakuru from the rooftop verandah. The BnBs have the convenience of being in the middle of town yet offer the tranquillity of a lakeside cabin. Add the tastefully done interior, some great wildlife photography on the walls, and the generous sizes of the studios and you have a winner. Folks if you need a place to stay in Nakuru then Fanaka Suites is the place to go. Google them or call Lawrence on 0723960682 and thank me later.

We played golf at Njoro Golf Club on Labour Day Wednesday and at Nakuru Golf Club the next day. I was like those Chinese tourists on that golf course photographing every part of it. It’s easily one of the most scenic courses in East Africa. We left for Nyahururu on Friday via the Subukia route. Travelling in Kenya is so much fun, especially the good roads combined with the scenery. Nyahururu was another gem to play on. Upcountry courses are so full of charm and character, especially in this green season. Most Nairobi courses are flooded so we were glad to be away. The sun even came out on those days.

We left Nyahururu for my favourite small town, Nanyuki that afternoon. We stopped at the Thompson Falls and it brought back childhood memories. We proceeded on to Nanyuki through the road that passes alongside Olpejeta Conservancy. At one point we even stopped to see the white rhinos that were near the fence. Maybe they knew I’m a wildlife photographer and wanted a selfie with me as we passed by hehe

We got to Nanyuki safely, settled in and visited a local to enjoy the evening. We had breakfast the following day at Jibs, a restaurant in town full of character and a story to tell.  The meal was as charming as the place, served with a pretty smile from our friendly waiter, Mercy. Folks, you should try out Jibs when in Nanyuki next. Your appetite will tell a story too, guaranteed.

After that king’s breakfast, we played golf at Nanyuki Sports Club then proceeded to my small farm on the outskirts of town. My boys insisted on planting trees there to celebrate my 50th and our brotherhood. It had rained the previous night so we expected a lot of mud. We bought some trees in town and we couldn’t go past a certain point when we got there due to the muddy conditions. We disembarked, tree in hand for each of us and did the mud walk (more sliding) to the farm.

I watched these Mubabas (men over 50) struggling not to fall as they waded through the matope (mud) and it touched me. They are getting this dirty just for me. It reminded me of Chris’s quote that friendship is expensive and now even muddy. We planted the trees, said a prayer and left before the skies opened up again.

We came back last Sunday via another cute coffee house in Nyeri, Wendo Bistro and reminisced about how that 4-day trip was. For me, three lessons stood out. Life is best enjoyed with good people who genuinely value you. Secondly, this trip proved that the minutes are more important than the years because true happiness lies in the small moments of life. Lastly set out even when you have no assurances. We’d have regretted it if we cancelled our trip citing the rain. It held and we enjoyed three days of no rain during the day and sunshine as a bonus.

Folks, life is best lived when travelling for good reason, to good places and with good company. After all, isn’t life a journey? Let’s enjoy it.

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7 thoughts on “Friendship is Muddy.”

  1. Sam says:

    Having best friends who love the same things you do is not only rare, but special. Enjoy the time you share with them always!

  2. 🌺 says:

    The ending quote got to me! “Folks, life is best lived when travelling for good reason, to good places and with good company. After all, isn’t life a journey? Let’s enjoy it.” I love it 😍

  3. Lilian says:

    Friendship is expensive! I love that quote.
    This bromance is enviable and may the glue that brought you together stick even harder as you grow older.

    I want friends like yours😜

  4. Chris K. says:

    Friendship is expensive.. I maintain.. Invest!

  5. MG says:

    Yes indeed. True friendship is expensive. What is worth much costs much. Happy 50th Lucas.

  6. Wanja Muguongo says:

    I once apologised to a dear friend for something she’d had to do for me that took her quite a bit of time and effort. I was sorry for the inconvenience I’d put her through. She immediately dismissed my apology and told me friends are supposed to inconvenience you. You are supposed to go out of your way, that’s what true friendship is. If someone is only there for you when it is easy or convenient, that’s not a true friend.
    So yes, here’s to muddy friendships 😊

  7. Maggie Rono says:

    Great piece! Loved the read

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