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I once read a book by Myles Munroe about maximising your potential. This was close to twenty years ago during what I’d refer to as my first major crossroad in life. Immediately after graduating from USIU with my MBA, I travelled to Scotland to try out life there. Apart from my life now at 40, this was the only other time I have been at severe crossroads. I guess it comes every twenty years. Having had the opportunity to travel to Scotland last year, this makes it what I call my soul holiday destination. Like the starting line to run a new lap in my life.

I still remember a line in Munroe’s book to this day that read, ‘Start weaving and the Lord will provide the thread’. For some reason, that line got tattooed on my mind. It is all I remember out of the whole book. Since I began my half time metamorphosis, stuff started happening in my life that seemed like a well-choreographed flick.  The gist of that line is, once we decide to do something, we should start with what we have. Only after we start will the resources to progress be availed to us.

If I had not decided to start my blog, I doubt I would have made the little progress I’ve made so far. Once I shared my confusion with the world through my writing, I was referred to a writing class which has improved my writing skills. After posting a few articles, a pal nominated me to speak at Engage. This led to a speaking class to improve my storytelling. Since then I have had a few more speaking gigs. One of my new 40s friends who watched my Engage talk suggested that I do the mediation certification thinking it would be a good skill for my second half. Then recently my sister and business partner Shiro hooked me up with her friend doing a book launch today jioni. She thought I would be a good MC for the event. See how that chain reaction has been? Na bado.

The book launch is by Peris Mbuthia on her interesting life story so far. We are age mates so that should make for a good story. It seems a good story needs 40 years to make hehe… Her book, ‘The Audacious Dreamer’, narrates how she grew up in rural Nyanyuki in very humble surroundings. She was determined to make a huge success of her life and that required her to leave the village and make the world notice that she’s around. And that, she has done very well. Soon after we met last week for introductions, I knew very quickly I’d like to be part of her book launch for two reasons. First, Peris is a full extrovert who’s not ashamed of where she’s come from and very proud of her achievements in a humble way. Second, her book is an easy read and has pictures in it just how I like my books. In fact I have read it all in a week which is my personal best reading record. Another chini ya maji reason I’m befriending her is she owns and runs the Timeless Medical Spa in Lavington Mall so naona some complimentaries coming soon for me and mummy shark.

I’ve heard of spa but not a medical one. I even asked Peris if they massage people with panadol paste or something to make them relax and feel better. She burst out in laughter. I look forward to this book launch as we celebrate her life and as I enjoy and learn more in this new space I am in. The fact that we are age mates makes me relate with many stories in her book. I’m sure this was no coincidence.

I bet all these events would not have happened if I didn’t start sewing. I thank the good Lord for providing thread for me to keep sewing. I know this is just the beginning. Folks it seems in life once we decide to take action, then many other reactions start playing out in organised sequence and timing. It’s like a puzzle where the pieces start falling in place. So let’s not think too far or too long and get on with it. Once we do that, our existence will converge into one beautiful life of significance. In addition, you will be reaping what you planted in your first half. Things you did and friendships you made pre-40 will start revealing why they are in your life.  I hope you all make the move you need to folks, so that the world can notice you and begin making space for you because you’ve shown up. Terri Guillemets summarises this whole article with her quote, ‘When you dance to your own rhythm, life taps its toes to your own beat.’

Friday, February 16, 2018 | Just @40 Things, Musings

3 thoughts on “Convergence.”

  1. Lilian says:

    ‘ Start weaving…’ ‘Dance to your own beat…’. Powerful quotes to have imprinted in my mind. Thanks Lucas once again for awakening the ‘sleeping giant’ in me. That’s what this article does for me…

  2. Jo says:

    Your blog is such an inspiration, Keep writing! Encouraging for those of us at a cross roads, career wise, seeking for more than money, that is purpose and fulfilment . Loved reading about Peris in an article in the Which writing class did you do? Biko Zulu’s?

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