I don’t like forwards, especially on WhatsApp as they clog up my phone. I have to frequently delete all these accumulated photos and videos over time. I wish I knew how to open a photo or video without it saving automatically on the phone. I’m asking for help here. I have tried but my half smart phone seems challenged to do that.

That said there are few times when I get a forward that speaks to me.  There is one that I got some time back on the importance of a man keeping his close male friends near him as he grows older. This one I wish I didn’t delete. Apparently in old age these are the relations that will matter the most after ones immediate family.

Golf is a beautiful game because it has given me pals who over time have become my golf brothers. I met these guys when I started playing golf and over the years, our friendships have grown and spread to include our wives and kids. They are now in the category I hear being called ‘family friends’. Though I see them as my urban relas. Last week I had the honour of joining these five chaps to sponsor a small event at our home club, Limuru. To most of us Limuru country club is like that first love one gets in high school or thereabout, at least golf wise. Very dear and special because it was our first club to join as members   I was reminded at that event how blessed I am to consider these fine men my close pals.

These guys have become crucial in my halftime transition, especially because some of them have been going through halftimes of their own. When you are in the wilderness and realise you are not alone, then you feel less lost. It’s consoling to know tuko wengi.  It’s funny how life brings many folks our way but the selection process on who will remain and who will pass has already been done prior, and without our consultation.

I cannot tell you how these five chaps remained in my life when we met over ten years ago and have over time become key to my personal fulfilment. We have made golden memories over the years as we travelled across our beautiful country playing golf. We have also been there for each other during crucial moments, both happy and sad.  Recently, two of them had their sons get initiated into manhood. I recall babysitting these boys when they were infants even before I got kids of my own.  Mummy shark and I were also God parents to two of them during their baptism and baby dedication in church. Now we are looking at university graduations in the near future and being those nasty uncles at wedding negotiations. Wow, talk of doing life with these fellas.

Not a day goes by without us touching base (mostly sharing jokes) on our WhatsApp group. Having these chaps in my inner circle is like enjoying a huge bank facility and the only collateral you have is you, the individual. There was this one time I was in fix when importing tents for my business. My confused clearing agent gave me a wrong calculation and needed me to top up a tidy sum immediately. I was completely stranded as I had run out of cash, yet the demurrage charges at the port were about to start counting.  I shared my dilemma with one of my boys and he deposited the cash in my account pap! And my dilemma evaporated just like that. I was left to pay him polepole, and for that I’m forever grateful.

I think these types of friendships can be likened to a long beer glass. You drink deeply from them and get satisfied. But should you drop the glass or cheers abit too hard it breaks easily. My wolf pack (as defined in the movie Hangover) will go the extra few miles for me and so will I for them. The best things in life are free, as the song goes, but such deep and meaningful friendships come with a ka pressure not to drop the glass by handling it carelessly. It will be nearly impossible to repair.

I’ve also heard the quote, ‘show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.’ Well I’m sure I’ll be different things to different people if I showed you these friends of mine. Despite being occasionally random, they are all different characters. One thing they have in common is loyalty and having each other’s back and that’s sufficient reason to do life with this chaps. It feels good enjoying the respect of intelligent men.

I dedicate today’s article to my mates Davey, Mike, Cousin Bob, Sancho and Chris. Thanks to golf, our paths crossed and may they remain intertwined till our sunset years. You make me a happier man.

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4 thoughts on “Brotherhood.”

  1. David says:

    Honoured to have you as a friend and a brother.

  2. June says:

    #friendsforlife, treasure them, you are very lucky to have them in this era of man eat man. Makes me wanna audit my commitment to my friends. Go on chairman, every week you awaken a part of us that is asleep.

  3. Yeah, such are the guys who will stick around even when your primary family goes through an upheaval, and they give you a reason to fight on in this battle called life!

  4. Joe Wainaina says:

    You guys rock and have always been tight buddies. Continue in that spirit and you will enjoy many happy years in your camaraderie.

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