My 40s people, have you ever wondered what you would have wanted to be like in your twenties, especially with what you now know on 4th floor?

Last week my cousins-in-law (sounds like distant relas that description eh) and I went to the spurs in Westie for all-you-can-eat ribs. It is a nice hotel apart from the rough and poorly lit parking that was flooded in some areas. I wonder whether it’s a road reserve that kanjo has allowed them to use for some time, and that’s why they do not improve it. Anyway we park and head to the Spurs Restaurant. As we approach we are greeted by this aroma of roast meat. My stomach throws a tantrum demanding to be filled. We sit down on this long table and the pleasant waitress (Maureen I think) takes our orders. It feels like forever before the ribs arrive. Maybe its because I was fasting the whole day waiting for this moment. I have to maximize on that 1900/-, the meero I am.

This dinner was in honour of my dear cousin-in-law, Alex, who is going majuu (my lovely in-laws, that means abroad in sheng) for some high-class MBA. The kind of MBA where employers attend your graduation to grab you before you return your gown and get clearance to leave.

As mentioned earlier, I knew Alex after mummy shark agreed to get a ride in my old 504 pickup about 14 years ago and he has been just a delight to know. You see Alex is only 27 lakini sometimes I feel like we are age mates. He has this cool and quiet confidence, the kind that sets you slightly apart from the crowd. He is self-assured and carries himself with maturity that he shouldn’t have at his age. Because what will be left when he turns 40?

All this attributes are carried in his tall, built, athletic frame and a cheeky smile that appears innocent most of the time. He is very handsome. Mmh! Feels like I am describing myself, haha

In the years that I have known Alex, we have not had many conversations, leave alone long, deep ones. But interacting with him feels as fresh as chewing a BIG G (still the best gum ever sold, I believe). I cannot say that he reminds me of myself when I was 27. I was quite the opposite. He’s worked in a top consulting firm and I was starting my tent business at that age. I mostly wore jeans with a polo shirt and sneakers and when Alex is not in a well-fitting suit on weekdays, he’s in a good, casual, cotton shirt with expensive-looking, bright-coloured (kao) shorts and loafers or sneakers… I think the term for this is metrosexual yes? Alex even faithfully reads my blog posts and learns from them. At 27, apart from learning how to raise invoices, I still read Asterix and Obelix and Tintin comics. Classics, those were.

I could go on and on about Alex. In addition to all I have said, what stands out most for me is his intelligence. This boy is sharp and I will not be embarrassed to say I wish I was as clever as him. He actually influences me in some ways. Due to his high levels of self-confidence, we have been in a social where folks are all on tea and cake and Alex asks for a Heineken, and I’m like Ala Ata Mimi I’ll have one. He doesn’t even know this so, Yes Alex, you’re that cool guy who can make 27 look like the new 40.

I know much of what Alex has become is parental influence and schooling, but mostly upbringing at home. Your folks and your only sister (who is trying not to cry because you are leaving) are lucky to have you and so are you to have them.

I can only imagine what this MBA will add to your life and for sure you will continue being at the top of your game. For me if my 4-year-old boy can turn out like you, then I will have been a success in this life. For a parent to have a child who can thrive alone anywhere in the world is doing the world a favour. Real definition of making the world a better place. That is the parent I want to be to my three little sharks.

So thank you for dressing 40 in 27 years baba. As long as I hang around you I know my little man has a good role model as he grows up. All the best as you school abroad and remember the advice all we your noisy cousins gave you, WORK HARD and SAVE YOUR AIR MILES. So that we can use them to come for your graduation.

Hey Maureen, another rack of ribs please

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2 thoughts on “Alex.”

  1. Angie says:

    Spot on Lucas! All the best Alex!

  2. Joe Wainaina says:

    All the best to Alex…….27 the new 40!

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