It’s funny how at 40 life seems to start conspiring against you. Your watering hole dries up and you have to find another one. But here’s the thing. You’ve been at this watering hole for so long that you have no idea what another one looks like or even where to start looking for it. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was on autopilot in my business so I lost all interest in observing the change creeping in silently around me like a rattlesnake. This time, the rattle was in silent mode so I didn’t hear it. Or maybe the rattle was drowned out by the splashes I was making as I gulped water bottoms up from this watering hole that had become my home.

You see, my head was bent down and all I could see was my reflection as I drank. I never noticed the water levels going down or the greenery around me changing to brown. Even the clear water I was drinking started changing colour to brown and I still didn’t notice. I just thought, Mmmm okay, Lucas you’re getting a lighter, brownish complexion. I’m aging well, I cheated myself. Kumbe its the beginning of the end.

The longer I took to realise stuff has changed, the harder the fall and the bigger the adjustment. Now I’m forced to make uncomfortable adjustments to my life as I seek to stabilise business and play catch-up on a few other things. You see, in life there are constants that never leave you mainly the basic needs like shelter, clothing, health, education and food. As a man, I’ve got to have these covered. I have wished recently that It were possible to put a pause on my kids growing up so that I jisort then unpause when things get better. Those small legs are getting longer by the hour.

If I were to advise guys in their 20s and 30s, I’d say prepare for 40 like your life depends on it because it does. When you’re at the top of your game sipping mojitos in those rooftop joints and social events, please remember that past success is the biggest threat to future success. Worry most when you’re at the top of your game because that window closes fast. The version of worry here is to push you to maximise success by saving mob grain (as the good book says) for the dry season ahead that is almost sure to come one way or another. And by the way the drought is not just lack of cash. For some folks at halftime, money is not the issue. They are broke in their minds and soul searching for what they are meant to do next. Search for significance is their dilemma. They have no idea what their passion is.

At the same time Life is not too unfair. It does throw us clues and few lifelines to hold onto that will be priceless in future. As I look back there were opportunities to impact people through my business success in various forums but I didn’t give it much thought. Also, there were a few investments that if I took then, I’d be more comfortable now. Problem is we think we’ve arrived when we are just moving fast towards an even faster moving destination.

So now after all this realisation, I’m slowly eating my humble pie made of kienyeji kuku and mixed tea and making the necessary adjustments to move forward at the least minimum discomfort to my clan of sharks. It’s painful, uncomfortable but necessary. Luckily some investments made in the first half are coming in handy. Both in relationships and assets. Some guys I sorted one way or another pre 40 are in a position to help me now. Kweli tenda mema nenda zako is a great slogan to live by. So no pity parties at 40, just look forward to celebration bashes once we start living in significance.

In jeshi, tactical withdrawal is done at war when an army senses they are losing. So they retreat and regroup so as to attack the enemy more effectively to win the war. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. Oh and it helps a great deal when the Joneses opinion doesn’t matter at this stage of life. In fact, I believe most Joneses live in the leafy suburbs of our minds, not in reality. So you do you and be of one mind with your significant others (at least try) and success will show up in a big way like this July baridi. I believe this new success will be much sweeter because it will be deep and meaningful and much more about me investing in others, sio tu plots and mjengo. And Im sure money will flow thereafter. sweet effortless money. In fact a pal told me it will be much more than what I worked for in my first half. From your mouth to God’s ears, I said.

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13 thoughts on “Tactical Withdrawal.”

  1. James says:

    Great article bro

  2. David Chege says:

    I love reading your thoughts. Thanks for being real.

  3. Levi says:

    Great look back and advise for the future.

  4. Marion says:

    Great advice Lucas! such nuggets of wisdom help me evaluate my life constantly in preparation for the future.

  5. Walter Andaro says:

    A good one bro…..i can totally relate….

  6. Lilian says:

    Great article Lucas. It got me thinking our lives are like a book. We turn these pages not quiet sure what the next page will highlight. Then we get to half the book (@40) and looking back we feel good about the successes we had, remember the pitfalls and the lessons learnt and so on. And I totally agree the other pages of the book can only get better and sweeter. After all we are hopefully, wiser and tougher than our earlier half . What an article! I love itπŸ˜‰

  7. Monalisa says:

    Wow! You never disappoint!

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