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Nine Lives.

I have always admired folks who move from one occupation to another especially when the vocations are totally unrelated. My wife has a pal who was a top banker. She resigned and is now farming mangoes in Ukambani. Imagine that. From spending time with ATMs to trees. I imagine the closest ATM to her now must be a milk ATM. I envied her when I met her at Zucchini delivering fruits. She had this vibe that confirmed she was living, not just existing. I want that vibe too.

Thank you folks for all who tumad salams and best wishes for my Mzee’s birthday last week. He really appreciated and sent his blessings to you all. We had a good time on Labour Day celebrating him. The only labour we did was overworking our jaws as we ate nyama. Apologies if this post smells of nyamchom or I sound like I’m writing it with a toothpick in my mouth. Enough of hii mateso.

As family and friends showered Dad with compliments, my mind wandered to what his 80th birthday will look like. Last week, I mentioned that Dad is in his third age now. I recently read a caption of a study done by WHO or Harvard. I can’t recall. It said that 65 years of age is the new middle age, because people are living longer lives thanks to advances in technology and medicine. If that report is true, then my dad is at a halftime of sorts and I’m a teenager at 40. So I wondered what else my dad can become in the many productive years ahead.

I remember being at a speaking engagement where I was asked to describe myself as an animal. Which animal best describes me, my tabias and future aspirations?  Today I would like to be identified with a cat. I don’t particularly fancy cats so this surprised me. The reason I choose to be a cat today is because it has nine lives or so we are told. A cat has a way of coming back to life just when you thought it’s life was over. Nine times? I wonder who was counting.

I have noticed some people seem to change lanes in their occupations much more frequently and easily compared to others.  It appears easier for guys coming from affluent societies or families compared to those hustling. I think the scarcity mentality many of us grow up with prevents us from activating our other eight lives. We end up living out one life in the duration of nine lives. How boring is that. Many of us hold onto the first break we get and remain there much longer than we should. I did that in my business and regret it. Then retirement comes, you get your so called handshake and you are sent home. Unfortunately that marks the beginning of the end for many.

We seem to lack an abundance mentality and I have often been a victim of that. Scarcity mentality seems to be the default setting of many of us and that explains the corruption and greed we see in our society today. ‘It’s our turn to eat’ kind of thinking.

I hope we can see retirement not as an age, but the point where our investments begin working for us. Folks let us convince ourselves that there is enough to go around for nine lives and beyond. Because there is. That way we are released to explore and try different things. Therein lies true living. We told dad on Labour Day that he has a few more lives waiting to be lived so once we cut the cake, he needs to get with the program. Imagine how awesome life would be if we all lived fiercely and explored all the deposited talents and abilities God gave us without holding back. That’s the life I want for me at 40 and my old man at 70.

Gone are the days of long service awards and doing one thing for donkey years. It’s no longer as admirable now as it was back in the day. Thank goodness for that.  The only long service award I want is for keeping good relations with my family and friends.  A lot of engagements in life today are not permanent in nature as they used to be. With people living longer and with increase in opportunities and new careers, we are living in very exciting times. Possibilities abound and I’m sure we can see them once we look at them through cat’s eyes that see well even at night. 24 hour economy pap.

Folks may we all explore, discover and live out our nine (or more) lives  for the time we have left on this beautiful earth. That way we shall leave this place better than we found it.

Friday, May 4, 2018 | Just @40 Things, Reflections

7 thoughts on “Nine Lives.”

  1. Kabugzz says:

    65 is the new middle age and we’re teenagers at 40! I like the sound of that 🙂

    1. Lucas Marang'a says:

      Kabisa. Alot of exciting ground to cover

  2. Levi says:

    A cat always lands on its four legs regardless of how you throw it. Hitting the ground running. I have always aspired to be like that. Good blog bro!!

    1. Lucas Marang'a says:

      You are kinda like that already bro.

  3. Angie says:

    Totally encouraged as I wade through my 2nd life thanks Lucas!

  4. Lucas Marang'a says:

    infact yours tata is 1.5 life. not yet second. hehe

  5. Fiona says:

    One of our Tatas mentioned to this me the other day, but TBH on this side of the 1st life (30), that’s quite a scary prospect. Any thoughts on you have to allay some of these fears?

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