I have heard that parenting is not for the faint-hearted. That It is also a contact sport, meaning you have to be up in your kids business especially in their formative years for them to turn out well. Although there is no guarantee of that. I believe parenting can also be fun and very fulfilling especially if you want and enjoy being a parent. Society has bashed men (and rightfully so) for abandoning their role as fathers and leaders to their families. While that may be true for most there are still good men out there who prioritize their role as fathers both in word and deed. I want to believe I’m in that WhatsApp group hehe. To counter that view of deadbeat dads, I’m convinced that when a man gets kids when he wants kids then he may even outshine the mother of his children. I’ve seen that in some instances hence my belief.

Let’s move on lest I start sounding like the spokesman for Mandeleo ya Wanaume. We all approach parenting differently so all I wish for us is that we bring up good citizens of the world. Or at least give it our best shot. It seems this year my baby sharks will teach me many lessons. Our children act like mirrors on us. They reflect who we are maybe because we also reflect who they are. We often hear kids being likened to their parents. You are just like your father ? after the toi has done something that resembles what the dad would do in similar circumstances. Our children look like us, behave like us and do life largely like us. We influence their career choices, at times who they will marry and even where they will live. I have been in business all my adult life and that was largely influenced by my parents. They went into business when I was a kid. We were exposed to that biashara lifestyle because we had to work in the family business and do school at the same time. Through that exposure, my love for entrepreneurship grew and I fell deep into it.

This year has begun well. January had positive vibes for me but ended with some funny feelings. How was your January folks? I hope not as this hilarious quote I came across said, “January was a tough year but we made it” hehe. Yaani it felt so long for some that January seemed like a whole year. Don’t worry guys, the rest of the months of the year will be shorter because good things will come your way in abundance. That’s my prayer for us all.

So back to my funny feelings. I even feel funny writing this but this blog aims to remain authentic. January has seen many folks close to me get very busy. Some of them were on the climbing lane with me last year but all of sudden have changed lanes and are now on the formula one track, exploiting their new opportunities fast and furiously. My feelings are funny because I’m genuinely happy for my people progressing. Their lives are now the evidence of answered prayers. But I feel left behind. Like I’m now solo on the climbing lane wondering when this hill will flatten out.

I wish I was busier than I am. Fully engaged in significance and joining the crowd that says life is hectic. Do you sometimes feel like you pray for others so much that you forget to send petitions for yourself? Well, those are the funny feelings I’m battling. Yet I know the best way to lift yourself is by lifting others so I have no regrets and will continue doing that irrespective of my funny feelings. That’s what a big life is about. Helping others to be the best version of themselves.

But now I’m tempted to whin like my baby sharks. How come I’m not as busy as the others? This reminds me of how the rest of my totos get upset and complain when I give one of them a treat. Kids memory is short term. If I spoilt my son in the morning and do the same for his sister in the afternoon, he will fura and demand the same favour, forgetting it was his turn earlier that day. I have realised I’m behaving like my kids. Asking sir God in a moody voice, “ and me? “  yet things are looking up this year.

Waiting can get frustrating sometimes. But I’m learning (more like accepting) that my character is still being built. Also, life is not about me. And we are all on our journeys. Maybe if I keep staring at others moving along I might miss my bus. So keep doing you, folks. Your miracle is on the way. Maybe the miracle has even arrived for some of us but we can’t see it because we are glued to the progress others are making.

Jealousy is a bad thing and creeps under our skin quietly and dangerously so let us be careful and social distance from it. Acknowledge how we feel, intentionally support others in their success and work on our crafts relentlessly. That’s my vaccine against jealousy for now. Otherwise, I might join my baby sharks in their complaints and when you visit us you will have to bring four gifts instead of three. The fourth one being for their father to prevent him from throwing a tantrum hehe.


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4 thoughts on “And Me ?”

  1. Mike Eldon says:

    Wishing you an F1 year, Lucas. At least Feb thru Dec.

  2. Lydia says:

    Nice Post. Right now learning to thank God for where I am as I wait for him to continue opening doors. My neighbour also bought a hot ride so I’m social distancing also from the green eyed monster.

  3. Mitchelle says:

    You speak for most of us. Life at times appears to move faster when it comes to ‘others’. And guess what, perhaps the ‘others’ are using the same mirror that we are, and seeing as though they ain’t progressing as fast as they would wish..This life though!But yes, perhaps we should just look deep within, or just hold on a little bit.

    Tomorrow is gonna be great.

  4. Joseph Kahuko says:

    A wise person said that the grass is (or appears) greener on the other side of the fence. As a result, unfortunately we seem to spend more time looking across the fence admiring (aka being jealous of) our neighbors’ grass, and forget to appreciate and Thank God for the grass we have. You have spoken honestly and opened your heart in this post Lucas, however also remember there are many of us who are looking at YOUR grass and wishing our grass was this good. Thanks for sharing, and all the best in Month 2 to 12!

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