Last week i read of a guy from Kibera who won a jackpot of over kshs 200 million. His mind must still be buzzing with that windfall. What does a guy living such a humble life do with that kind of cash? I’m not even sure what I would do if I won such a huge amount. I’m afraid I might not be grounded enough to remain the guy I am now. Maybe that’s why I’m not lucky in life. I hardly win any time I’m at an event and a raffle is being carried out. The one and only time I won was in high school in a Coca Cola campaign where we would peel the bottle liner inside the bota (bottle top) and send to an address. We even used to play a game where you stick many together and blow them to turn over. I think that game was called puma. The more that overturned the more you won. Kweli that was our version of play station. Those were fun and simple times growing up.

Nowadays many of our young people (and even some 40s folks) don’t know how to wait for good things to come to them.   This generation’s idea of waiting is the equivalent of waiting for the microwave seconds to end and the bell rings signalling your food or drink is ready. Sadly, media has pushed this instant gratification narrative. Now the heroes many look up to are rich thugs who show off their flashy lifestyles. I’ll admit that those nice toys and vacations are attractive and I’d want some for myself. But that defies the natural order of things. We lust after Channel O lifestyle with zero patience.

Just as the bamboo grows underground for 5 years then breaks above the surface in year six, many things that we truly celebrate and admire na roho safi are accomplishments that took time.  Growing a business or honing a skill takes time. But we don’t seem to remember the price it takes to get to the top. I remember when I bought my brand new Toyota Hilux pick-up in 2006. I got a lot of attention and admirers. Guys said I’m so lucky, I’m doing well, and even people who hadn’t noticed me started paying attention. Even banks that considered me a very high risk borrower started tuning me for loans. Truly, image is everything.

This is all fine and it does feel good for one’s achievements to be noticed but no one asked me how I got that ride. Many days of working through the night, setting up tents in the rain and being busy every holiday season as guys partied was the order of my life. I remember my boys planning for Christmas holidays at the coast once. When I turned down the invite one of them asked me, “Kwani you’re the one who holds the tents up during an event?” Events people can relate. In fact, I read a message on WhatsApp that event management ranks highly in the list of most stressful jobs, very near flying planes. So maybe I should consider myself a pilot, but of a Hilux pickup ha-ha…

I’m now learning all these new skills to maximise my second half. Sometimes I get frustrated that I’m busy but can’t see results. Just like it was in my first half, I have to stay put and exercise patience in my new grind until results start to show. This time I hope it won’t take twenty years. Thankfully all indications show it will not.

Human beings do not like to struggle and that is why some New Year resolutions are already expired and we are only in February. Many of us start stuff with gusto but never finish. Then when the few who do follow through enjoy the success of perseverance, we say they are lucky.  Staying the course is difficult, but I’m finding it a bit easier now that I’m exploring and doing things I enjoy. Brand new things too. Maybe that’s the secret. Find what you enjoy doing and perseverance won’t feel like a jail sentence. Doing something we love remains enjoyable even when interspersed with difficult moments.

The rewards of staying put are enormous and I so look forward to enjoying them.  Let’s focus on the end result we hope for and we won’t be too tempted to quit. The photo I’ve used today describes what I’m trying to say perfectly. That guy sheltering under the mkokoteni still hopes the rain will stop and he can sell his apples again. Maybe he’s thinking that once the sun comes out again, his apples will have been washed, hence making them more attractive to customers. I hope he sold all those apples and went home a happy man.

Folks, let us be the minority who stand out by staying put.

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15 thoughts on “Stand Out by Staying Put.”

  1. MG says:

    Lolest Re: Kwani you’re the guy who holds up the tents during the events? On a more serious note, I read in a book many years ago that only 1% of millionaires live flashy lifestyles. The other 99% gave their noses to the grindstone, and work quietly and with humility. Sadly, the media focuses maniacally on the 1% and so we’re (mis)led to believe that that’s how all millionaires live!

  2. Levi says:

    Good one bro. Being in God’s waiting room and doing our part. In God’s timing, the blessing are exceedingly abundant. Keep up with the faith. Baraka tele

  3. David says:

    Your friends are vicious; how do they ask you such questions? You need to get better friends. Great article yet again and an even greater lesson. Well done.

  4. Lilian says:

    I love the post. Staying put is the hard part as we exercise humility, patience and await the fruit of our labour. You are right when people see the fruit they don’t think of what it took to plant and water the seed of the fruit you are enjoying now. Well done Lucas very well written

    • Lucas Kibuka Maranga says:

      Thanks Sis. May we reap the harvest of our planting soon. We deserve it i believe. Especially you

  5. Dan says:

    Great stuff.

  6. Njoki says:

    Well put. This weekend, my thoughts were on the many things we start and never complete and I made a silent vow to myself, to complete any project that I have started.

  7. Leticia says:

    A friend forwarded me this article and I must say it speaks to me.More often, we are in a rush.Patience is a skill that we must learn to cultivate.

  8. Kabugzz says:


  9. Mama C says:

    Lucas I thought you were the guy who won a lifetime supply of something or other when in high school? Si we used to envy you?

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