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A man at 40

About Lucas

Mentor and entrepreneur Lucas Marang’a is the embodiment of the energy and drive needed to develop and grow businesses. Since childhood Lucas has had an active entrepreneurial mindset. He is well versed in the nuances, pitfalls and peaks of business in Kenya.

After completing his Bachelor of Commerce degree at Daystar University, Lucas pursued his MBA in International Business Administration and Marketing at USIU.

In 2000 he launched Happening Ventures, an events company that provides quality tent and décor services for the fast-growing social and corporate events market in Kenya. Under Lucas’ stewardship, the enterprise achieved consistent growth in turnover, profit and staff. By 2014 Happening Ventures was a vibrant business that attracted external investment, allowing for further expansion and the introduction of other services.

Throughout his journey Lucas has been committed to growing other entrepreneurs and to using his skills to build others. He is a Business Mentor and a Certified Professional Mediator. Currently he coaches entrepreneurs through Passion Profit, a Kenyan company that targets small and medium business entrepreneurs. He also serves on the Social Impact Awards Kenya chapter as a business mentor and judge. Lucas has also served on the committee of the Ethical Leaders Network (ELNET) since 2013. Lucas played a pivotal role in the ELNET Ethics Conference & Awards in 2014 and 2015, a forum celebrating ethical leadership.

Lucas is a member of the Institute of Directors (IoD) Kenya, a body that champions director professionalism and development through good corporate governance for the benefit of organisations, stakeholders and the prosperity of Kenya.

As part of his commitment to good governance, Lucas holds a number of board positions including with AfriLink Entrepreneurs International, a global non-profit dedicated to tackling youth unemployment through building business skills, and Cedar Consulting, a bespoke training and consulting firm. He is also a certified professional coach (CPC) certified by Coaching Development Institute of Africa (CDI-A), the only Coach Training Organisation (CTO) domiciled in East, West and Central Africa that has been accredited by International Coach Federation (ICF).

Lucas is a Halftime certified coach by Halftime Global after completing the requirements of the HALFTIME® certification program in using the principles of Halftime to help people discover their calling and experience a fulfilling second-half calling.

He is also serving as a director on the board of SME founders association (SFA).

Lucas became an avid golfer in 2004 and has been active in golf leadership over the last decade. At his home club, Limuru Country Club, he served in various committee roles, which culminated in his being elected as golf captain and board member in 2012. Under his leadership, Limuru Country Club became one of the fastest growing and most active golf clubs in the country.

In 2013 Lucas was elected as an executive of the Kenya Golf Union, Kenya’s premier golfing association. His contributions led to his election as chairman of the Union in 2018 whereby he ran a successful term till May 2019, having been tasked with steering growth in the sport and with representing Kenyan golf to international constituents. Furthermore, Lucas is a Director of Kenya Open Golf Limited and played an instrumental role in the Kenya Open at 50 celebrations in March 2018. He was re-elected to the board of Kenya Open Golf Limited as an independent director.

As a speaker, event moderator and writer, Lucas uses his communication skills to build fellow entrepreneurs, host events, and capture the challenges of the human spirit through his blog Lucas Marang’a: A Man at 40.

Lucas is a seasoned businessman, board member and active citizen. He is committed to using his skills and experience to influence the marketplace and improve the quality of people’s lives.

3 thoughts on “About Lucas”

  1. Wangari Mwangi says:

    Mentorpreneur. I like. And I listened to you talk. Looking forward to having fun learning, you have a way of doing it.

  2. Every time I read these pieces, I am persuaded the end game is a book!

    1. mlucas says:

      Joyce you may be speaking prophetically hehe

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