March 8th was International Women’s day. This was the first time I was noticing this day. I’ve heard of this day on TV or radio in the past, but it didn’t mean much to me.  Life on the fourth floor has been very reflective for me and that is why March 8th has a meaning that I can now relate to. When I take a closer look at my life, most of my defining moments have had a woman as part of the cast. I would like to pay tribute to all the wonderful women in my life today and confess that for sure; behind every successful man is a woman. Actually, women for me is more accurate.

I’ll start with my dear Mum. Grandma shark has been the biggest influence in my life. Most of the man I am today is because of my mum’s impact on my life. I recently did a self-assessment test that confirmed my extroverted nature. I believe my Mum is partly responsible for that. Spending a lot of my time with her as I grew up, she was always outgoing and very social. It must have rubbed off on me. Mum is also responsible for the biashara bug that bit me from childhood. Even when she was employed in the 80s and 90s, she had vibrant side hustles that brought in extra cash.

I remember my siblings and I planting vegetables in the shamba at home and when ready, we would harvest our produce and give them to Mum. She would go sell them at her office and bring us the cash. That would fund our shopping for corduroy pants and Lawman sneakers at Snoopy fashions on Moi Avenue.  We love money in my family and its mum’s fault. No apologies there.

My sister is definitely a younger version of my mum. Strong willed, hardworking, loyal and grounded in her faith. When in primary school, she would shield my brother and i from bullies. Please note these were boys, bigger boys than she was. Clearly, it wasn’t the size of the girl but the fight in the girl that kept us safe. I call her my other mother sometimes.

Because of my mum being my benchmark for what a good woman looks like, I grew up admiring intelligent and determined women who were both domestic and driven at work. Add that to the fact that men subconsciously look for their mothers in the girl they choose to marry. I met mummy shark and married her thirteen years ago. Her description is similar to my mum and sister’s, but being the woman I’ve done life with so far, she has raised the bar.

Mummy shark is one of the most determined women I know. Not to mention, supuu, classy and well bred. God knew I needed someone who’s been to finishing school to help me up my game kidogo. She has very high standards that even she struggles to reach sometimes both personally, and professionally. Imagine if she struggles there. What hope do some of us have? She’s fiercely loyal and will often sacrifice much for others. There are mornings my car has refused to start and she gives me her car to go with then she takes Uber to work.

This woman loves God deliberately and it is evident in her daily life. She is also very intelligent and for that I thank her daily because our baby sharks have mummy’s brains. I may just save money from paying expensive holiday tuition fees as they grow up. In fact, most people say my kids all look like their mum. I console myself by saying they have my heart. Some of the big things I have accomplished are mostly from mummy shark’s encouragement when I was unsure and for that, I am forever grateful.

Many of my wife’s traits, like her never- say- die attitude and her sense of style, came from her mum. Nothing was impossible for her mum. If I thought of buying KICC and I shared that with her, she would say, “Sure let’s see what options we have.” She was also quite the supuu. It is has been said that when looking to marry a girl, checkout her mother first. On this one, I took home the Oscars. I recall once in 2014 as we drank tea at the Norfolk, a pal passed by and saw us. Later that day, he called me and asked who that fly chick he saw me with was. I couldn’t believe he was talking about my mother-in-law. We miss her now and thank God because she’s looking down on us from heaven and smiling. Marrying mummy shark gave me a huge bonus of meeting her sister, aunts and cousins who are a bunch of exceptional Kenyans. The women in her family are a concentration of beauty and brains. This family got talent folks.

Apart from my mum-in-law, my mum, sister and wife are all Nyeri women, so I have no choice but to toe the line and live up to their expectations. I have now reconciled myself to the fact that it is a good thing to allow your wife to influence you. As long as it’s positive and brings out the best in you.

When I look at my business, most of my best customers have been women. I owe my business success to them. Now at halftime, I have had the privilege to meet amazing women who are shaping this future I want for myself. From my mentor Mwihaki, to Agatha of Engage and Mumbi of Epsilon Publishers enhancing my speaking and writing skills. Let me also let out a secret on my writing. There’s is no way I’d have come this far without my editor – Purey. She is like a disinfectant to my articles. Once she puts make up on my writing with her sharp mind, we are good to go. Thanks for making me look good Purey.

I could go on and on about all the women who have influenced my life, but that would make for a very long read. Margaret thatcher once said, “If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” Ladies, without you all, life would be like eating fresh food without salt. Tasteless.

Happy International Women’s Day to all you lovely ladies. You give this life meaning.

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10 thoughts on “A Woman’s Influence”

  1. Aida says:

    A lovely tribute to the women in your life.

  2. George Muya Nuthu says:

    Salutations to all the ladies you’ve mentioned; great recognition to them!

  3. Joe Wainaina says:

    Excellent tribute and very well articulated in your usual whimsical style. Women are the kachumbari that spices up our lives……

  4. Lilian Maranga says:

    Thanks Lucas for the tributes. We love you deeply.

  5. Florence Deuel says:

    Mundu wa nyumba hau niwaria! Great article could not help but smile as I saw your mum, Bui! What a blessing to your life , your lovely wife I just see Gods blessings! Rathimwo muno brother. I love your writing!

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