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A man at 40

Month: August 2018

For evil to prosper, all it takes is for good men to do nothing.

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Willy, are you going for Aretha’s funeral ?

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I don’t like forwards, especially on WhatsApp as they clog up my phone. I have to frequently delete all these accumulated photos and videos over time. I wish I knew how to open a photo or video without it saving automatically on the phone. I’m asking for help here. I have tried but my half […]

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This week I’m on a high after yet another successful international golf tournament in Mombasa. We had eight countries represented. The game was played on the lush, manicured fairways and greens of Nyali Golf and Country Club. Mombasa has become more alluring to me especially now on the fourth floor. Life moves slower than here […]

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Last week was probably the biggest experience cheque I took to the bank since I took the mantle at my public service job. It was the first international event under my tenure. For many weeks, I together with my board at the union, the event management firm and the vet lab club management hosting the […]

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