Lucas Marang'a

A man at 40

Month: July 2018

One of the things I’m enjoying about 40 is having authentic conversations. Shallow chats just for PR are taking too much bandwidth. I had an accidental lunch with a friend last week.  We met at a golf event and he invited me to join him for lunch. Now who says no to free lunch and […]

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I recently came across a quote on Instagram that read, ‘Luck is where opportunity meets preparedness.’ That got me thinking of how many of us view successful people as lucky. When someone gets a juicy business deal or a promotion at work (on merit), most of us see it as luck. Few see it as […]

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During this transition of my life I have interacted with what is called the sigmoid curve (S curve). It’s a mathematical concept but applies not just to organisations, but also to our lives. Learning curve is another term used to describe it. The sigmoid curve is mainly used to predict the future. Without sounding too […]

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I found the perfect analogy for being in halftime transition. Locker room. Thanks to a workshop I attended last Sato in my church run by the Halftime Institute. This institute was formed by Bob Buford (author of the book Half Time) and is based in the US. Its mandate is to help folks transitioning from […]

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