Lucas Marang'a

A man at 40

Month: April 2018

Wednesday the 25th of April was my Dad’s 70th birthday. I like how when I introduce my dad to someone I’m told he looks so young. Good genes hapo. I hope I look like him on my 70th birthday. Going through halftime at 40 has changed my perspectives on many things including how I view […]

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Last week I attended one of those full day meetings where various speakers talk to you about their experiences in life to bring alive a particular topic. This meeting was a result of my church starting an initiative for guys at halftime. Many congregants in my church are in the 40 space and Pastor Alex, […]

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I had a visa interview this week on Tuesday. I am planning to visit Her Royal Majesty, The Queen of England. She invited me after reading my blog a couple of times. I hope I have successfully fooled someone here. After all April Fool’s Day was juzi tu. Applying for a visa is one of […]

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Now that the first anniversary party is dying down, I’m slowly getting over my hangie. It’s like that time at the crack of dawn when the DJ is folding up his sound, a boring track squeezing out of his weak laptop speaker to chase away the last man standing. The last one year has been […]

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