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A man at 40

Month: March 2018

Today I’m as happy as my youngest baby shark when she’s sucking at the Aquafresh toothpaste tube. I think it’s the sweetest thing she has tasted in her entire life of sixteen months. She actually cries for it whenever any of us is brushing our teeth. It’s her favourite pacifier. Well, I don’t blame her. […]

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Allow me to be spiri kidogo today. The sermon in church last Sunday was titled, ‘The way of the cross’. I love my church but sometimes the sermon doesn’t shika. It feels like it was meant for someone else and mine was preached the Sunday before. Although I must confess that maybe it’s my settings […]

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I got certified as a professional mediator in January. In addition to the certification, we were given recommendation letters to the judiciary for those who want to register as court mediators. It pays to sit at the front of the class hehe… The judiciary is in the process of growing court annexed mediation. This is […]

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March 8th was International Women’s day. This was the first time I was noticing this day. I’ve heard of this day on TV or radio in the past, but it didn’t mean much to me.  Life on the fourth floor has been very reflective for me and that is why March 8th has a meaning that […]

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My mother tongue has a saying that loosely translated says, ‘You do not conclude how a day will end in the morning.’ Tuesday brought that saying to life for me. I had a 7 AM board meeting at the Serena Hotel, for which I was punctual. Well, who misses a breakfast meeting at a five […]

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