Lucas Marang'a

A man at 40

Month: January 2018

Part of what made last year difficult was losing loved ones. Few things hurt more than that. The year has just begun and one of my longest serving and loyal clients sent me a text on Friday last week telling me she has lost her dad. That got me thinking. Is it that more folks […]

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For most of my life, I haven’t enjoyed reading much. Most of the reading I’ve done has been involuntary especially in my formal education. I hardly enjoyed my primary and high school life and excess book work was the key reason. I got a C+ in form four back in the day, even after my […]

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A very Happy New Year folks. I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas break, got some well-deserved rest, and are now ready to tackle what 2018 will unleash. I had a refreshing break and was lucky to experience a change of scenery. My sharks and I took off for a full seven days. We were […]

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