Lucas Marang'a

A man at 40

Month: October 2017

I once heard that you are most alive when closest to death. This week I had the opportunity to be extra alive for a short while courtesy of a conspiracy between the weather and poor human planning. God and man pulled a fast one on me. I was in Nyali for one of my public […]

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The problem with half time, (some refer to it as midlife), is the uncertainty it comes with. Folks who all along have known and planned what to do with their time , money , brains, skills and everything else suddenly get into the I-don’t-know zone. Even worse if money has run out or is running […]

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It’s funny how when you are there doing that, it doesn’t look like you are covering ground. To me that statement has always come up when referring to something in the past. When looking back at ground covered or achievements gained. The Kiswahili equivalent would probably be tumetoka mbali. At 40 one qualifies to say […]

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Good people, I finally accepted that maybe a mentor or coach is a good idea at this stage of my life. This was not planned, well, not by me at least but as I look keenly its like the universe (I prefer God) has thrown me a lifeline. Having a mentor or coach (let’s go […]

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