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A man at 40

Month: September 2017

On 26th September 2013 I became a dad to yet another Kenyan, but this one was different. I got a son on that day. What is it with African men and getting sons? I do not have a logical answer but all I know is that, what I felt on that day was different from […]

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Apologies good people. It’s the cake season of my life it seems. Last Sato was yet another birthday for my most significant other. Mummy shark. She turned ** years old. Last time I checked she was 21 so who’s counting. This girl is focused so that gives you a clue that she’s not 40 where […]

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I think every Kenyan (including my youngest baby shark) has been exposed to construction, especially for those who live in Nairobi. The rate of development in housing and roads has grown rapidly over the last few years. Its the view we are forced to take in when seated in our endless traffic jams. Contradiction there […]

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My baby brother turned 40 on 25th of August this year. Everyone in my family is now 40 and above apart from the babies of course. His supuu wife and I planned a gig for him at the Zen Garden. This is truly a leafy suburb. You know that when you find your car wipers […]

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My 40s people, have you ever wondered what you would have wanted to be like in your twenties, especially with what you now know on 4th floor? Last week my cousins-in-law (sounds like distant relas that description eh) and I went to the spurs in Westie for all-you-can-eat ribs. It is a nice hotel apart […]

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