Lucas Marang'a

A man at 40

Month: August 2017

What does a 40-year-old look like when they are in a panic? Remember we have this image to maintain where we have it all together and are the envy of many. This has been a very bad (read broke) few weeks. My office bills and a few standing orders all conspired to be due at […]

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I am unashamedly hooked to cartoon animation. My kids and I derive the same raha from watching them. Sometimes I think I am the one who enjoys them more. One of my favourite classics is Finding Neemo. I just love the story line and the humour thats embodied in the sea creatures. There is this […]

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It’s funny how at 40 life seems to start conspiring against you. Your watering hole dries up and you have to find another one. But here’s the thing. You’ve been at this watering hole for so long that you have no idea what another one looks like or even where to start looking for it. […]

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Today I was reminded that old is indeed gold. We biashara people are experiencing lean times currently. I wish these elections can be held in a country next door then they just bring us the winner for swearing in. And for me the tougher it gets, the more anxious I get. So I woke up […]

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