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A man at 40

Month: July 2017

I’m sure we’re all guilty of over promising and under (or not) delivering at all. Two posts ago in the For Country article, I said I’ll play my part beyond just talking in my middle class hangouts. Now I feel like my girl who graduated from kindergarten last year. Last Saturday I attended the Kilimani […]

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  My sister is the 40s version of my mum. The other day we were sitting in my office catching up after a cop had busted her for a broken tail light. It had been a quiet week. No kazi, then add to that we had no elec in the office, so no Wi-Fi, which […]

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I’ve just returned to +254 from a wonderful pit stop next door, in the land of matoke and groundnut sauce, to very sad news on the demise of our interior CS General Nkaissery (may his soul rest in eternal peace). Then I got home and watched a YouTube clip on various theories about his death. […]

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Growing up in Nairobi, my siblings and I depended on our folks to decide where we shall spend our holidays. School holidays, we would be shipped off to shags to be with our grandparents for few weeks. It was fun eating kienyeji chicken for dinner and real yellow york eggs with those huge broadways brown […]

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