Lucas Marang'a

A man at 40

Month: June 2017

I grew up in a Christian home (and Im eternally grateful). I doubt I’d be here writing this if I did not have a Godly influence from my folks. Self-destruction would have taken me out. To some of us having a relationship with God is a requirement for graduation in this campo of life. It […]

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  Today is Father’s day. What does that mean? I’m sure its a day created by mzungus to celebrate dads. How they picked June 18th, I don’t know. I’ve just realised I somewhat pre-empted this day with my article last week on my girl’s birthday. And she did not disappoint this morning when she wished […]

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Today, 10th June, is my girls birthday. When she was born we gave her both my mum’s names (Im a mamas boy kabisa). I still remember pacing up and down the hospital corridor usiku at around 8pm outside the theatre, waiting anxiously for my official admission into the fathers club. I was alone, and I […]

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